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My name is Merissa but most people call me Meli. My personality type is: INFJ. I'm a pescaterian. And I like cookies. Find more about me by going through my lists! :)

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live.”
- Charles Bukowski

Merissa follows:
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EstroJen music (don't you judge me)
stevie rae monthly obsessions (September 2014)
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Feel free to take any ideas from this list! ^_^

  • Things I Wish I Would Have Known Back Then
  • Things I Like About My Neighborhood
  • Things I Love To Do
  • Things I Loved About Childhood
  • Things That I Constantly Wonder About
  • Things That Annoy Me To No End | Pet Peeves
  • Things I Want For My Dream House
  • Things I Would Never Do
  • Things I'm Not Good At
  • Things That Worry Me
  • Things That Make Me Sad
  • Things I Don't Understand
  • Things I Wish They Taught Me In School
  • Things I Wish I Could Do
  • Things I Dislike About Society
  • Things I Can Do With My Eyes Closed
  • Things You'll Find In My Room
  • Things I Love About My Significant Other
  • Things I Love About [insert my favorite TV show here]
  • Things That I Always See In My Dreams
  • Things I'd Do If I Woke Up To A Zombie Apocalypse
  • Things I Need To Stop Doing
  • Things I Fear Of
  • I Love The Feel Of
  • I Love The Sound Of
  • Favorite TV Shows As A Child
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony
  • If I Was A Video Game Character
  • Signs I'm Still A Kid
  • Signs I'm An Adult
  • Songs That Put Me In A Good Mood
  • Quotes I Can Relate To
  • Songs About My Life
  • Games I Own | Want
  • Favorites: Movies, Anime, Manga, Books, Post Secrets, Phrases, Quotes, Songs, Websites, Food, etc.
  • Songs About My Dreams
  • My Life Would Be Incomplete Without...
  • My Awkward Moments
  • Define "Ugly" In Your Own Terms
  • Old Songs I Like
  • Mean Things People Have Said To Me
  • Qualities I Love About Being Human
  • Fads I Embraced While Growing Up
  • Movies I've Tried Hard To Like
  • Activities I'd Do If I Weren't So Afraid
  • Animals That Scare Me
  • Places I Go to In My Mind
  • Material Goods I'd Buy If I Had Unlimited Funds
  • Items I Wish I Could Have Saved From My Childhood
  • Numbers That Define My Life
  • Irrational Fears I Have
  • The Worst Movies I've Ever Seen
  • Favorite Places In My City/Town
  • Fictional Characters I Have a Special Connection To
  • Movies I've Walked Out On
  • Favorite Books From My Childhood
  • Reasons To Be Happy
  • Good Names for RPG's be continued...

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user picture stevie rae: Great ideas! Hope you don't mind if I take a few ;) oct 8 2011
user picture Merissa: I don't mind, take as many as you'd like! :) oct 12 2011
user picture littlemissblueeyes: Me too, please? jan 15 2012
user picture Merissa: You can take them! :) jan 16 2012
user picture misshollypop: You are so cute! These ideas are spectacular! (: feb 18 2013
user picture Miss Lilith: aaaah I love it <3 aug 25 2013
user picture corleone: amazing ideas ♥ aug 15 2014