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  • Iquitos: Amazon river trip (meet with Jafari)
  • Pacaya–Samiria National Reserve or Manu National Park
  • Machu Picchu (stay in Aguas Calientes)
  • Cusco
  • Sacred Valley - from Cusco (horses)
  • Pisac Market
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  • Kayak Manchec Bayou - swamp
  • Audebon Park
  • Jean Lafitte National Historical Preserve (30 mins from downtown - Trails through bayous)
  • Preservation Hall Jazz (nightly jazz)
  • French Quarter + Frenchmen Street
  • Garden District
  • Lafayette Cemetery (touro area), > St Louis Cemetery #1 (near french quarter)
  • Faubourg Marigny neighborhood near french quarter
  • Magazine St @ Washington -- walk all the way down (and the lower garden district on magazine)
  • Mid City neighborhood
  • Bywater neighborhood


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  • trying to find the right paint can for the room (paint color not quite matching for touch ups)
  • when people respond to birthday wishes on facebook like they're winning an academy award
  • when you get little soup splats on you when eating soup or when you get a drop of soup on your chin
  • when blinds are crooked or bent
  • when people think god or the universe steps in to guide their life without consideration/logic for all those who suffer
  • getting the duvet cover on the duvet
  • when all of a sudden it smells farty and you don't want to say anything in case it's them but you don't want to be silent in case they think it's you
  • that little nugget of dried up lotion that gets pressed out onto your hands
  • when vegetable pieces are too big in your...
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  • watching bugs bunny and foghorn leghorn with my dad on Saturday mornings.
  • when he'd get so excited about the books I'd find for him. And say, "How do you find these books?" Not really knowing how Amazon works.
  • going to the recycling center with all my cans and my dad always letting me keep all the money. I was so excited to watch the price amount go up when the cans were on the scale.
  • when we'd go to the military base so he could get a haircut
  • when he'd help with my rabbits
  • my dad playing hide and seek with me.
  • going to el dorado park with my dad and feeding the ducks, and him protecting me from the big mean goose.
  • his softest most affectionate moments playing with toki.
  • when we went to go shop and buy my first ...
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With Andrea


  • Gion (neighborhood)
    • Mina department store (14 min walk west from gion)
    • Shoren-in Temple (14 mins walk west of gion)
      • Downtown: (14 min walk west from gion)
        • Nishiki Market
        • Koto - dept store
        • Takashimaya Dept Store Basement - Food Floor
        • Pontocho Alley – Downtown Kyoto - most beautiful street in all of kyoto
        • The Kyoto International Manga Museum
        • Teramachi and Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcades -- these two covered shopping arcades are the most popular shopping streets in a...
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  • when an item has like one star or a movie has like 10% tomatoes --so funny
  • when tour bus drivers are ready to go home and they drive super fast and the tourists are flying by and trying to take pictures
  • when a big line forms right after you've ordered
  • when you get to have sex with a random person in your dream
  • the house right after its been cleaned and the chores are done
  • when you drive by someone on the freeway and they're smiling, like probably listening to their favorite radio show
  • honey
  • the first sleep in my bed after returning from a great trip
  • seeing tourists at airport wearing all the stuff you see on the streets for sale
  • kids who have their own little suitcase w...
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