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The mind can take a moment and recreate it for you if you practice. In this way, nothing ever ends, no one ever dies, and everything is right there in you --and all these snapshots become a scrapbook of your mysterious existence.

"No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." --Friedrich Nietzsche

lisa follows:
heartrl work (historical events i'd time travel to)
Marrie books (i want to read these)
listography the listography books
James films (Seen 2015)
Ryan food (restaurants I'd like to try)
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  • richard hanging from a branch and cliff screaming "this is the trail"
  • ryan and I puzzled by the $300 people pay to rent in the antique mall
  • coffee barista "it's a cream filled donut, like what I could do for you"
  • two queens and a dyke (guess which one is which)
  • beware, it overlooks a trailer park
  • I'll take 4 pounds of granola
  • we let the misty mountain candle burn all night
  • I had a nightmare I weighed 201 pounds
  • Ryan and I chasing down dog owners at the beach
  • Richard coming back from the sauna and hot tub and then taking a hot bath
  • road tripping with loaves of bread


feb 19 2015 ∞
mar 3 2015 +
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  • February 24th dream: dad's bedroom, but there is an ocean view outside window. He says to me "Lisa why are you so sad?" I say "I just miss you so much." He says "Lisa no need for that." And then falls asleep in the bed as though peacefully passing again.
  • watching bugs bunny and foghorn leghorn with my dad on Saturday mornings.
  • when he'd get so excited about the books I'd find for him. And say, "How do you find these books?" Not really knowing how Amazon works.
  • going to the recycling center with all my cans and my dad always letting me keep all the money. I was so excited to watch the price amount go up when the cans were on the scale.
  • when we'd go to the military base so he could get a haircut
  • when he'd help with my rabbits
jul 12 2008 ∞
feb 26 2015 +
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  • when you get to have sex with a random person in your dream
  • the house right after its been cleaned and the chores are done
  • when you drive by someone on the freeway and they're smiling, like probably listening to their favorite radio show
  • honey
  • the first sleep in my bed after returning from a great trip
  • seeing tourists at airport wearing all the stuff you see on the streets for sale
  • kids who have their own little suitcase when traveling
  • when you think you're annoying the cab driver while chatting with your friends but then when you get out he says something super nice and smiles
  • seeing big men walking tiny little dogs
  • secretly taking cash from Adam's wallet
  • when someone makes an incredible document...
nov 18 2009 ∞
mar 15 2015 +