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All those people, all those lives, where are they now? With loves, and hates, and passions just like mine, They were born, And then they lived, And then they died. It seems so unfair. I want to cry.

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  • momos and noodles at cafe himalaya, nyc
  • two boots vegan slice
  • veggie bun at indochine vien, los angeles
  • vegan burger at power plant
  • vegan ethiopian buffet at rahel's
  • pumpkin roti at gloria's in crown heights, brooklyn
  • ethiopian at blue nile, berkeley (closed)
  • vegan nachos and tacos at no bones beach club, seattle
  • burritos at pancho villa, san francisco
  • bibimbap at seong buk dong, los angeles
  • indian thali, berkeley (closed)
  • spring rolls, good girl dinette
jan 16 2017 ∞
apr 18 2017 +
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  • watching bugs bunny and foghorn leghorn with my dad on Saturday mornings.
  • when he'd get so excited about the books I'd find for him. And say, "How do you find these books?" Not really knowing how Amazon works.
  • going to the recycling center with all my cans and my dad always letting me keep all the money. I was so excited to watch the price amount go up when the cans were on the scale.
  • when we'd go to the military base so he could get a haircut
  • when he'd help with my rabbits
  • my dad playing hide and seek with me.
  • going to el dorado park with my dad and feeding the ducks, and him protecting me from the big mean goose.
  • his softest most affectionate moments playing with toki.
  • when we went to go shop and buy my first ...
jul 12 2008 ∞
apr 18 2017 +
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  • Anchorage thru Valdez, Alaska
  • Antelope Valley, Mojave CA
  • Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia to North Carolina
  • Boston to Provincetown
  • Cascade Loop, Washington
  • Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana
  • Hana Highway, Maui
  • Highway 11 from Bellingham, WA
  • New Mexico, esp Santa Fe to Taos
  • NYC to SF roadtrip
  • Portland Coast
  • Pacific Coast Highway, California
  • Rockefeller Parkway Hwy 191, Wyoming, Yellowstone to Jackson Hole
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Route 66, Grand Canyon to the Colorado River
  • Salton Sea
  • San Juan Skyway, Colorado
  • Santo Domingo to the Samana Peninsula
jan 31 2017 ∞
apr 18 2017 +
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  • when my dog seems to be smiling at me
  • when an item has like one star or a movie has like 10% tomatoes --so funny
  • when tour bus drivers are ready to go home and they drive super fast and the tourists are flying by and trying to take pictures
  • when a big line forms right after you've ordered
  • when you get to have sex with a random person in your dream
  • the house right after its been cleaned and the chores are done
  • when you drive by someone on the freeway and they're smiling, like probably listening to their favorite radio show
  • honey
  • the first sleep in my bed after returning from a great trip
  • seeing tourists at airport wearing all the stuff you see on the streets for sale
nov 18 2009 ∞
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"Now our lives are changing fast...Hope that something pure can last. Hope that something pure can last." -- Arcade Fire

Children are often heard saying "Look at me!" to their parents. From an early age we want someone or something to witness our lives (potentially a longing for god). Our parents' role is to guide us OUT of self-importance but now technology allows us not to have to mature out of that "look at me" phase of childhood.

The introduction of "scrolling" and "likes" on social media changed our lives and our psychology forever. We broadcast to each other. I've made a personal rule to not scroll people's PERSONAL lives whether on facebook or instagram. And I don't have a feed so I can control what I'm fed. I also do not post personal things that would broadcast to anyone's feeds as well.

I have the desire to do it... I want to p...

oct 23 2016 ∞
jan 16 2017 +
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  • when you are trapped in a room with a loud fly
  • when things are wrapped in that insane plastic packaging that you have to use knives and scissors to get open
  • trying to find the right paint can for the room (paint color not quite matching for touch ups)
  • when people respond to birthday wishes on facebook like they're winning an academy award
  • when you get little soup splats on you when eating soup or when you get a drop of soup on your chin
  • when blinds are crooked or bent
  • when people think god or the universe steps in to guide their life without consideration/logic for all those who suffer
  • getting the duvet cover on the duvet
  • when all of a sudden it smells farty and you don't want to say anything in case it...
apr 11 2006 ∞
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