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serving you the many ways of kaisoo meeting and falling for each other, some chanbaek too.

dokyungshit follows:
  • Promise Me Forever - CEO!Jongin is one of the mosy brilliant (and arrogant) CEOs in Seoul but fails to notice how his assistant feels about him. ♥
  • Read to me - Jongin finds Kyungsoo on the street after he is muggled,took him to his apartment and took care of him for two days, Kyungsoo wants to repay him by reading him a book. ♥
  • Call Me Your Baby - Actor Kyungsoo gets mad at Director Jongin gets him to suck on a pacifier so he decides to suck on something else.
  • Play it Right to Win- Jongin spends his Saturday evening at a police station and returns with a delinquent in a sweater vest. ♥
  • Give me all your money (I'll take all your love) - crack, Kyungsoo is probably the worst waiter CEO Jongin has ever run across. ♥
  • Troublemaker - Highschool!au, Kyungsoo gets caught up with the Beagle and was forced to be part of the Mentoring Program where he meets...
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  • I'm Into You - On-going nonau!kaisoo where Kyungsoo and Jongin got body switched.♥♥
  • Always By Your Side - Nonau!kaisoo, where everyone woke up to a baby Kyungsoo that somehow won't stop clinging to Jongin. ♡
  • 7 Seas Too Far - KAISOOPROJECT2014 Pirate!au, Kyungsoo's been a pirate ever since birth, he saves Jongin when he was 14 and the other is set to find Kyungsoo from the moment they part.♥♥
  • Treasure Trove- dragons!au, Each dragon has a hoard. No one knows what Kyungsoo's hoard is and Jongin really really really wants to find out.
  • Mine and Yours (the magic is in our hearts) - Kyungsoo is a doll collector with his eyes on some very fine specimens. ♥
  • Invisible - While in the shower, Kyungsoo feels hands on him that shouldnt be there.
  • A Heavenly Gift - Kyungsoo, Heaven's grumpiest angel gets presented to Kai, delinquent prince of ...
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  • For Convenience's Sake - alpha!jongin omega!soo. Chanyeol asks his old friend Jongin to help Kyungsoo through his heat.
  • My Alpha - Kyungsoo is forced to prepare everything for the most powerful pack in their country who is visiting their village.
  • The Thing Called Life - wolf!jongin human!soo. Jongin thinks it's a blessing to have a human mate and he wanted it.
  • Yes, Alpha - Kyungsoo's been hired as Mr. Kim's live-in personal chef but he goes in heat.
  • Cafe Eau Laid - Jongin's got a crush on this guy who comes into the coffee shop. Only problem is, this omega has a boyfriend. (Alternatively, maybe Jongin assumes too much.)♥♥
  • Anosmia - A new pack has arrived to join with Kyungsoo's except a certain Alpha triggers his heat and the whole village goes wild as their youngest Omega finally found his mate except no one knows what Alpha is r...
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  • Say Goodbye Darling - criminals!au, Kyungsoo flirts wirh Jongin by blowing up cars.
  • If You Allow Me - vampireau. Kyungsoo moves into an apartment that currently Chanyeol and Jongin. A different tension ensues.
  • Ink - Incubus!Jongin. Despite the bruises and wounds hidden in his out of the season turtle neck shirt, Kyungsoo anticipates the next time he would see the boy who made him feel so good
  • Paranormal Possession - Kyungsoo is a paranormal investigator and Jongin is his camera man. Something's gone wrong on the haunted mansion they are investigating.♥
  • Ghosts of Future Past - Kyungsoo can see ghosts and Jongin wishes he would look at him instead.
  • Over The Edge - Kai is Kyungsoo's bodyguard but maybe something more, too. ♥
  • Mr Kim and Mr Kim - Assassins Jongin and Kyungsoo doesn't know they're married to each other.


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  • Black Magic - On-going ,Dragons!au Kyungsoo is the last earth dragon and might be the key in ending a 500-year long war.(FAV)♥♥♥
  • Summer Rain - kyungsoo is a prince with superpowers and he somehow escapes to the human world where jongin, a celebrity having a vacation in a forest, finds him and saves him.♥
  • Hearts Don't Only Beat - Jongin teleports into a stranger's house in search for a decent suit for his job interview, turns outs it was the house of his employer who has super powers too.
  • Stuck in a Wall - Jongin tries to teleport in the school and gets stuck on a wall.
  • Rouge - Jongin always finds himself at a rooftop everytime he sees his crush. Sehun says it's Jongin's cock's fault.
  • You're an Idiot But I Love You - drabble. Jongin wants to teleport Kyungsoo to Rome. ♥♥
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  • Back - happy ending angst, Chanyeol was in it for the money,Baekhyun was in it with his heart.
  • E4SE - Chanyeol doesnt know how to tell his blind husband, Baekhyun, he's fallen out of love.
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  • Confinement - kyungsoo watches jongin on the tree infront of jongin's bedroom.
  • You Like Your Boys Insane - jongin is a psychologist for men in prison and kyungsoo is a dangerous psychopath.
        • Prisoner - sequel to You Like Your Boys Insane - jongin can't believe he survived a year without kyungsoo.
  • Conscious - Angst Romance. Kyungsoo wakes up to discover he's been in a coma for nine years. And his boyfriend Jongin is no longer the boy he remembered but a man with a grownup job and a husband.
  • Forbidden Fate - scifi!au They were two people from different worlds yet fate brought them together.
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  • Dreamers-Baekhyun is the number one pick for an idol survival show but right before the semi-finals,he withdraws from the show due to ‘health complications’. He’s actually pregnant with EXO member Chanyeol’s baby.
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  • What We Find - Jongin has waited his whole life to meet the person on the other end of the red thread but Kyungsoo rejects him. ♥♥
  • Something Up Fate's Sleeve - jongin can see the thin red line connecting soulmates together and is alarmed to find out that his soulmate is jerk/ actor kyungsoo
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  • Bus Boy - multi chaptered. Popular guy, Jongin and wallflower, Kyungsoo is alone for the 45 minute bus ride home.
  • Feel Good - teacherxstudent!au In which, Kyungsoo discovers something interesting on Professor Kim's tongue.
  • Kyungsoo's Little Problem - Kyungsoo has a little problem during a photoshoot. Luckily for him, Kai is there to help him.
  • Provocative - Kyungsoo accepted a dare to have sex with the person who knocks on the door of his hotel room.
  • Happy Birthday Kaisoo - Kyungsoo misses Jongin due to the younger's busy schedule. And their birthdays is near.
  • Come On Home With Me - sequel to Body Moves (Yeah, Just A Little Bit) unfortunately deleted on aff but, the sequel can be read as a standalone.
  • Drawing You - Jongin, a fine arts student, fell love at first sight for Kyungsoo.
  • Colour Me Wild - Jongin is a painter and Kyungsoo served as his muse.
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