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serving you all great stories about kaisoo/chanbaek/ exo otps. (≧◡≦)

dokyungshit follows:
  • I'm Into You - On-going nonau!kaisoo where Kyungsoo and Jongin got body switched.
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  • For Convenience's Sake - alpha!jongin omega!soo. Chanyeol asks his old friend Jongin to help Kyungsoo through his heat.
  • My Alpha - Kyungsoo is forced to prepare everything for the most powerful pack in their country who is visiting their village.
  • The Thing Called Life - wolf!jongin human!soo. Jongin thinks it's a blessing to have a human mate and he wanted it.
  • Yes, Alpha - Kyungsoo's been hired as Mr. Kim's live-in personal chef but he goes in heat.
  • Cafe Eau Laid - Jongin's got a crush on this guy who comes into the coffee shop. Only problem is, this omega has a boyfriend. (Alternatively, maybe Jongin assumes too much.)
  • Anosmia - A new pack has arrived to join with Kyungsoo's except a certain Alpha triggers his heat and the whole village goes wild as their youngest Omega finally found his mate except no one knows what Alpha is responsible.
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  • Black Magic - On-going ,Dragons!au Kyungsoo is the last earth dragon and might be the key in ending a 500-year long war.(FAV)
  • Summer Rain - kyungsoo is a prince with superpowers and he somehow escapes to the human world where jongin, a celebrity having a vacation in a forest, finds him and saves him.
  • Hearts Don't Only Beat - Jongin teleports into a stranger's house in search for a decent suit for his job interview, turns outs it was the house of his employer who has super powers too.
  • Stuck in a Wall - Jongin tries to teleport in the school and gets stuck on a wall.
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  • Back - happy ending angst, Chanyeol was in it for the money,Baekhyun was in it with his heart.
  • E4SE - Chanyeol doesnt know how to tell his blind husband, Baekhyun, he's fallen out of love.
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  • Confinement - kyungsoo watches jongin on the tree infront of jongin's bedroom.
  • You Like Your Boys Insane - jongin is a psychologist for men in prison and kyungsoo is a dangerous psychopath.
        • Prisoner - sequel to You Like Your Boys Insane - jongin can't believe he survived a year without kyungsoo.
  • If You Allow Me - vampireau. Kyungsoo moves into an apartment that currently Chanyeol and Jongin. A different tension ensues.
  • Conscious - Angst Romace. Kyungsoo wakes up to discover he's been in a coma for nine years. And his boyfriend Jongin is no longer the boy he remembered but a man with a grownup job and a husband.
  • Ink - Incubus!Jongin. Despite the bruises and wounds hidden in his out of the season ..._so good_
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  • Dreamers-Baekhyun is the number one pick for an idol survival show but right before the semi-finals,he withdraws from the show due to ‘health complications’. He’s actually pregnant with EXO member Chanyeol’s baby.
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  • What We Find - Jongin has waited his whole life to meet the person on the other end of the red thread but Kyungsoo rejects him.
  • Something Up Fate's Sleeve - jongin can see the thin red line connecting soulmates together and is alarmed to find out that his soulmate is jerk/ actor kyungsoo
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  • Bus Boy - multi chaptered. Popular guy, Jongin and wallflower, Kyungsoo is alone for the 45 minute bus ride home.
  • Feel Good - teacherxstudent!au In which, Kyungsoo discovers something interesting on Professor Kim's tongue.
  • Kyungsoo's Little Problem - Kyungsoo has a little problem during a photoshoot. Luckily for him, Kai is there to help him.
  • Provocative - Kyungsoo accepted a dare to have sex with the person who knocks on the door of his hotel room.
  • Happy Birthday Kaisoo - Kyungsoo misses Jongin due to the younger's busy schedule. And their birthdays is near.
  • Come On Home With Me - sequel to Body Moves (Yeah, Just A Little Bit) unfortunately deleted on aff but, the sequel can be read as a standalone.
  • Drawing You - Jongin, a fine arts student, fell love at first sight for Kyungsoo.
  • Colour Me Wild - Jongin is a painter and Kyungsoo served as his muse.
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