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Preserve your story through your lists and stay inspired. Listography is self-funded AND remains free of advertising. You can support us by buying or gifting our journals.

Try the list topic generator in the "create list box" for ideas!

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You can generate list topics when you are in the "list edit" box. You will see a link in the top right had corner. These are some autobiographical lists that will get you started:

  • list your life to do list
  • list all the jobs you've held
  • list 20 memories you'd keep if nothing else
  • list countries you want to visit
  • list your hardest moments in life
  • list your wish list
  • list your pet peeves
  • list songs that remind you of people from your life
  • list your ongoing favorite books, movies, and tv shows
  • list bands you see live
  • list what you're thankful for
  • list your dream jobs
  • list things that make you happy
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