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I like style which I named Skandinavian Vintage - white background (walls, furnitures) with flower patterned fabrics, crockery etc. and silver metal (lamps, wire baskets, tins)

living room:

  • white walls
  • coffee table - white cube on castor
  • system of shelves and cases or glass-door cabinet for books
  • comfortable couch or longue in saturated colour or floral pattern - or ash grey
  • many cushions, throws, blankets etc.
  • crystal chandelier
  • white furniture
  • curtains with floral pattern


  • bench for sitting
  • bench with shoe storage
  • cabinet for shoes rarely used
  • clothes rack or hanger on the wall
  • really big mirror


  • white cabinets with wooden work tops
  • white shelves instead of cupboards
  • big refrigerator in Smeg style (silver or yellow)
  • white simple large table and simple chairs or bench
  • white bookstands or glass-door cabinet for jars with pasta, cereals, coffee, tea etc. and plates, mugs, bowls etc.


  • massive crystal chandelier
  • middle size bath (enough big to lie comfortable)
  • shower on the floor, with no shower basin, doors, cabins etc., only glass screen
  • 2 shower heads - one basic and one big overhead "rain"
  • small tiles (2cmx2cm)
  • cabinet for cosmetics
  • armchair


  • white walls
  • one wall can have light floral wallpaper
  • huge bed with original headboard or four-poster bed
  • wooden floor with fluffy carpet
  • cubes and shelves for few books, candles, photos etc.
  • huge wardrobe, the best would be "walk in"
  • large mirror
  • all furnitures white
  • all cushions, throws, bedspread, duvet etc. with colourful floral pattern
  • tulle curtains in windows
  • small table for laptop


  • small table for book, water, sunglasses etc.
  • wooden floor decking
  • some small seat (about 20cm high) with very soft cushions - could be bench with armrests or two single deck chairs with armrests
  • colours (pick one combo):
    • white/baby blue/pale green
    • white/baby blue/red
    • white/pink/yellow
  • hammock (if enough space)
  • parasol
jan 31 2011 ∞
sep 6 2011 +
user picture J. & Romi: R: cool! though all the white has to come with someone cleaning it everyday ;) mar 7 2011
user picture littlewhitehouse: It won't be that bad, I have my bedroom in white and it's ok :)