• become vegan. even if it's not at first, every day is a work in progress. plan meals ahead, do your meal prep on sundays along with grocery shopping. planning is everything and remember: nourish.
  • lose weight. remember, baby steps. start by doing afternoon walks, then running, then sign up for the gym. you don't need to go full speed on the first week. do it for you, and you only. do it for your health, self-esteem and, most importantly, self-love.
  • take care of your metal health. this is essential for the last one. controlling your anxiety by doing daily meditation and practicing mindfulness. always save at least 10 minutes every day to heal your mind.
  • be more organized. keep a notebook to write down all your expenses and plan your monthly ones. don't spend your money on things you don't need and focus on things that add to your life and well-being.
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  • smoothies. freeze the ingredients ahead of time and in the morning you just blend them and you already have breakfast. good foods: bananas, strawberries, avocado, kale, mangos, spinach, spirulina, chia seeds, flax seeds.
  • lunchtime. sweet potatoes, (brown) rice and beans, tomatoes, cabbage salad, soy protein, baked potatoes, carrot sticks, beet sticks, chickpea curry, kale salad (always make sure to put apple cider vinegar). eat fruits for dessert, like apples, grapes or bananas.
  • snacks. parfaits, fruits, nuts, bliss balls, homemade granola bars, sandwiches (w/ chickpea paste, avocado, tomatoes and lettuce).
  • dinner. foods that relax you are key, since it's the last meal of the day and we don't need energy. bananas, almonds, oats, avocado toast, sauerkraut toast, corn, stuffed sweet potato, etc.
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