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  • hoseok and namjoon in 2011, 130601 ...i'm feeling good, so i'll upload this picture of rapmonster and i, taken two years ago. really, memories...
  • tae's first tweets, 130603 a photo with my friend jiminie
  • jungkook's sixteenth birthday, 130731 ... our cutie jungkook's hidden camera success! he cried so hard...
  • filming for rookie king, 130903 that raw egg was so wet..
  • signing cards, 130909 ...since they're a surprise gift distributed randomly in the albums, come get them soon!!...
  • namjoon's nineteenth birthday, 130911 rapmon is thankful
  • photo booth pictures from early 2013, 130920 ...do you see this, everyone who asked if we were idols!!
  • jimin's eighteenth birthday, 131012 congratulations hyung
  • jungkook looking from a window, 131025 ...ah, we're almost all finished with our schedules...
  • at dinner with bang shihyuk, 131123 bangtan company dinner! it's a historical day haha
  • jin's photo album 131230 huu my memories are piling up
  • maknae line in hanbok, 140130 ...we ate jin hyung's delicious tteokguk....
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side note: i dont associate these fics with the real bts at all!! they are completely separate to me.

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this is for context of the "about yoongi" post!

  • korean public schools start in march. there are two semesters with around a month break between each one. students generally graduate/move up a year in early february, for example, the high school that yoongi attended in daegu had its 35th graduation ceremony on february 8th, 2012.
  • there are three levels of school that students go through: elementary, middle, and high school. elementary school is grades 1-6, middle is 7-9, and high school is 10-12.
  • most korean students attend something called hagwon after school. these are basically private organizations that provide students with extra schooling and tutoring in various subjects. for example hagwon organizations exist for piano, english, really any academic or learned thing.
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  • on january 30th, 2008, yoongi applied to level up on a daum cafe called jradio2.
  • later, in june 2008, yoongi uploaded a post asking people to review his first beat, which can be listened to here.
  • yoongi attended his first two years of high school at kangbuk high school, an all male school, from march 2009 to late 2010 while living in daegu.
  • on may 30th 2009 yoongi competed in and won a basketball competition with his team from high school. he was recognized as first place among his team. a video of the game can be viewed here.
  • yoongi uploaded a song that he wrote and arranged to nate under the name gloss on may 22, 2010. it was performed by naksyun, the leader of yoongi's rap group at the time, d-town.
  • in 2010, yoongi went to the "summer week&t" festival at naksan beach from august 6...
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