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all the important info about me is in the main section while anything extra is in ongoing!! you can check that out as well!!

winnie follows:

hi!! im winnie and i love girls. currently im in a few fandoms such as homestuck, overwatch, marvel/dc, tf2, my little pony, and some others like pokemon, sonic, and legend of zelda. i really like rocks/crystals and stuff like history, astrology, and mythology!! i also collect lots of stuff as a hobby. i draw sometimes but dont really consider myself an artist im pretty bad at drawing lol. hmu if youd like i love making friends and making others happy!! im a lil shy though eep. oh!! oh and ocs!! i love ocs!!

oct 7 2016 ∞
aug 27 2018 +

call me out if i do something wrong!! i most likely didnt mean it and just made a mistake. i would like to solve everything in a civil manner.

im asking you that if you follow me PLEASE like my posts if you see them. i feel horrible and depressed when a tweet of mine gets no attention. like i feel no one actually cares about me at all. just pleeeaaasse like my posts thank you.

if we are mutuals and you unfollow please soft me dont just unfollow.

i will tag anything you need no matter how silly it seems!!

i have memory problems so i may forget to tag stuff but feel free to remind me when i forget!! i apologize in advance.

if we are friends and you ever have a problem with me/what i post please tell me so i can fix it. ive lost like four friends due to communication problems and its really messing with me

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oct 22 2017 +
  • 20 years old (august 31st 1998)
  • lesbian demigirl
  • she/they pronouns
  • lawful neutral and INFP
  • physically and mentally ill
  • star:♍ moon:♐️ rising:♑
  • derse dreamer and maid of doom
  • land of static and disorder (LOSAD)
  • hufflepuff and team valor

for specifics on my disabilities see

oct 7 2016 ∞
dec 3 2018 +

you probably wont want to follow me if you need school or animals tagged. i post about school when im there and i post about my pets all the time.

besides the normal dnfi criteria (being racist, homophobic, transphobic, just a bad person in general) dont follow me if you ship incest/pedo/abusive relationships.

dont follow me if you think cishet aces/aros (emphasis on CISHET) belong in the LGBT community. being ace/aro doesnt make you inherently LGBT. aces/aros can belong as long as they experience sga or are trans/nb. not if theyre cishet.

mar 30 2017 ∞
sep 2 2018 +

heres some of my other accounts! i really only use my twitter, weheartit, and discord haha. (* = not active)

  • twitter: angeIcakee (the l is a capital i)
  • tumblr: orchidhorror *
  • weheaertit: orchidhorror
  • curiouscat: orchidhorror
  • discord: Winnie#7515
  • vent: amelie *
  • instagram: angel.cxke
  • snapchat: winnierose100 *
  • kik: winnierose100 *
  • steam: boobears *
  • orchidhorror#11814 *
feb 22 2017 ∞
dec 3 2018 +

i have two really big triggers that i would really appreciate you tagging which are

  • self harm (especially cutting)
  • nsfw (art is fine)

tagging these helps prevent me from having a panic attack or ptsd flashbacks so i really appreciate it if you do tag them.

my other smaller triggers are which you dont have to worry too much about tagging are

  • ableism
  • homophobia
oct 7 2016 ∞
dec 3 2018 +