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all the important info about me is in the main section while anything extra is in ongoing!! you can check that out as well!!

winnie follows:

im okay with doubles!! you can also find my other kin list at (not updated)


  • rose lalonde (homestuck)


  • widowmaker (overwatch)
  • miss pauling (team fortress 2)
  • red pyro (team fortress 2)


  • hana "" song (overwatch)
  • die #6 (homestuck intermission)
  • peter parker/spider man (marvel)


  • queen elsa (frozen)
  • handmaid/demoness (homestuck)
  • trainer moon (pokemon sun&moon)


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my system consists of me (the host) and two headmates. for more info read



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hi? i guess. winnie wanted me to write a little bit about myself, so here i go. my name's tav (obviously), and some facts about me are that i love sci-fi, plants, and also animals. my favorites are succulents, and cows/bulls. not only am i tavros nitram, but i'm also kin with fairies, as well as genji shimada and trainer red. i'm in the homestuck, overwatch, pokemon, and gorillaz fandom. maybe more? i like pokemon a lot, it's my special interest. anyways, i'm only a little bit shy, so feel free to talk to me!

some cool facts about me:

  • my favorite food is chocolate.
  • i'm super gay. me me love boys.
  • in my canon i had an alter, rufio, but i don't have him here.
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more neat facts about me:

  • im a frequent age slider!! most of the time im pretty young you can usually tell by how i act
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