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all the important info about me is in the main section while anything extra is in ongoing!! you can check that out as well!!

winnie follows:

call me out if i do something wrong!! i most likely didnt mean it and just made a mistake. i would like to solve everything in a civil manner.

i know this sounds silly but if you see my posts it would be really nice if you liked them. also i like everybodys posts to let them know im listening and if you dont want me doing that let me know.

if we are mutuals and you unfollow i would appreciate it if you let me know or at least soft block me.

i will tag anything you need no matter how silly it seems!!

i have memory problems so i may forget to tag stuff so feel free to remind me when i forget!!

if we are friends and you ever have a problem with me/what i post please tell me so i can fix it. ive lost like four friends due to communication problems and its really messing with me

feb 22 2017 ∞
oct 12 2017 +