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  • diesel kieran zaccai
  • it/he pronouns
  • 20 Feb
  • 14-18 years old, unwilling to disclose my specific age
  • gay (mlm) and polyamorous
  • gendervoid/trans masculine
  • aspergers + mentally ill (unwilling to specify)
  • ich spreche deutsch ok!
    • learning ukrainian and portuguese
  • secular witch/wiccan (NOT atheistic)
    • i believe in gods and work with them in spells but do not worship them in any way and i do not believe their creation of the universe is precious or sacred
  • pisces, INTP, chaotic neutral, slytherin, enneagram type 5
  • i write and do poetry sometimes
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feb 23 2018 +
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  • don't follow me if you consider yourself an anti, anti-shipper, anti-kink, fandom purist, or anything of the sort. you aren't welcome here
  • likewise, terfs, transphobes, radfems, and other such monstrocities also aren't welcome. begone
  • i'd rather you don't follow if you're under 14 years old but i won't enforce it
  • i will talk about nsfw and mental health issues frequently and am generally pretty whiny. i think publicising things like this will help make them less taboo and spread awareness. i also give my opinions on just about everything whether it's welcomed or not
  • i smoke weed below the legal age and inhale gasoline/cleaning products recreationally. i often tweet when i am impared. if this will make you uncomfortable, you may not want to follow.
jan 7 2018 ∞
feb 19 2018 +
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  • voltron (i mainly stan pidge, keith, and shiro, sheith is my otp)
  • buzzfeed unsolved (shaniac + true crime stan)
  • devilman
  • yuri on ice (i stan otabek, yuri, and yuuri. otayuri and viktuuri are my otps)
  • BNHA
    • i ship just about everything so long as mineta isnt involved
  • miraculous ladybug
  • music
  • language
  • alt. subcultures
  • aliens
  • vampires
  • zombies
  • skeletons
  • neptune
  • pixelated point-and-click horror games
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