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this account is just to list my interests, hobbies, favourite things & rubbish i love, all as a personal record because i'm a dumbass who loves making lists i know no one cares;;

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personal twitter ➜ @onigrini

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robin (grin) follows:
  • slice of life (mainly in anime)
  • fiction / fantasy
  • mystery / psychological
  • horror / thriller
  • drama
  • shounen (anime & manga)
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may 16 2018 +
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  • pandora hearts, over the garden wall, bakugan new vestroia (i love the vexos with all my heart), invader zim, ghibli (+ maaany other japanese animated films), disney (including star wars & marvel), house md, we bare bears, DC (especially teen titans & the batfam), laika (i'm a big fan of stop motion), foster's home for imaginary friends, percy jackson & the olympians (rick riordan in general!), dreamworks, & warriors (yea the cats); i also love retro-ish cartoons (80's, 90's & early 00's, + modern) notably from nickelodeon & cartoon network; + i like tim burton, harry potter, lord of the rings; & lots of live action films & series...
    • i rlly like anime & manga (aside from pandora hearts & bakugan) such as monster, berserk, devilman, mononoke, deadman wonderland, evangelion, vanitas no carte, my hero academia, saint seiya, nabari no ou, code geass, digimon, pokémon, wolf's rain, ginga (silver fang) & lots more...
    • some of my fav books (aside from rick riordan's) are le petit prince, white fang, a series of unfortunate events, lord of the flies, wings of fire, the named, artemis fowl, fablehaven, foxcraft ...
    • i'm not that into videogames but i enjoy some of them like majora's mask, left 4 dead, never alone, bendy & the ink machine, cuphead, sims 2 psp (it has a story lol), and I love zoo tycoon, animal crossing and classic arcade games
    • i like welcome to night vale, the orbiting human circus (of the air) & homestuck too lol
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may 13 2018 +
  • the circus (god i love the circus!!)
  • paranormal stuff:
    • vampires (i adooore them + i have a fascination with blood don't judge), ufos (me: *sees a star* an alien!!), cryptids (mothman & nessie are cute)
  • the sea:
    • pirates (wish i was one), lighthouses, sailing ships
  • urban stuff:
    • big cities, chinatowns
  • the country:
    • the wild west, farms (barns are pretty)
  • nature:
    • space, animals, autumn, winter, rain
  • mythology (all mythologies!!)
  • astrology (i read everyone's birth charts)
  • vintage:
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may 16 2018 +


  • oranges (pumpkin, ginger), greens (shamrock, forest, mint), reds & purples (blood red, crimson, burgundy, tyrian purple, lavender, periwinkle), silver & gold ;; i also like some soft shades of pink because they remind me of bakeries lol

food (wow,, so much)

  • savoury: dumplings, okonomiyaki, ramen, kitsune soba, sushi, takoyaki, seafood (all! especially raw and fresh), aguachile, curry, asian rice, asian cuisine in general, pasta, cheese (all types! strong, mild, aged; cow or goat... i love it), fish & chips, lobster rolls, salmon bagels, dried shrimp patties, crab cakes, chilaquiles, enchiladas, tortilla soup, mushroom soup, castilian garlic soup, tomato soup
  • sweet & snacks: mintchip ice cream, cereal (mainly lucky charms!!), ice cream cake, apple pie, blueberry pie, reese's cups, ferrero raffaello, kit kat, flavoured popcorn (mainly savoury), sour gummies, twix, cheddar soft pretzels, chocolate pretzels, many chocolate bars
  • drinks: bubble tea, root beer float, peanut butter milkshake, tea (mainly english breakfast), matcha drinks, coffee


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may 20 2018 +
  • caniforms:
    • red fox, jackal, african wild dog, ferret, stoat, weasel, raccoon, leopard seal, polar bear, coati, wolf
      • dog breeds: tibetan mastiff, border collie, beagle, shiba inu, corgi, doberman, utonagan, panda shepherd, native american indian dog, dalmatian, bull terrier, basenji, ibizan hound, korean jindo, shikoku inu, pharaoh hound, koolie, karelian bear dog, springer spaniel, jagd terrier, bernese mountain dog
  • feliforms:
    • tiger, caracal, lioness, jaguar, fossa, aardwolf
      • cat breeds: abyssinian, somali, oriental, sphynx, lykoi, devon rex, british shorthair, turkis...
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may 16 2018 +
  • reading
  • playing violin & piano
  • drawing
  • video/picture edition
  • animating
  • crafting (sculpting & stuff)
  • designing
  • cooking / baking / drink preparing
  • photography
  • exploring / travelling
  • advanced swimming / parkour / baseball
  • playing chess & cards
  • puzzles
  • learning magic tricks (i'm a loser)
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apr 22 2018 +
  • some bands & musicians i like are linkin park, panic! at the disco, marianas trench, anberlin, nothing but thieves, lord huron, secret garden, red, arctic monkeys, bastille, the 1975, muse, mumford & sons, imagine dragons, fall out boy, nightwish, 30 seconds to mars, marina & the diamonds, queen, death cab for cutie, gorillaz, florence + the machine, mika, blue october, radiohead, all time low, neon trees, stray cats, hozier, green day, halsey, the neighbourhood, set it off, bring me the horizon, twenty one pilots, shinee, blackpink, babymetal...
  • some composers & solo musicians i like are david garrett, adrian von ziegler, rob thomas, ara malikian, ludovico einaudi, susumu hirasawa, peter grundy, derek & brandon fiechter + i love classical music lol
  • i really like musicals like les miserables, sweeney todd, hamilton, dr. horrible, wicked... & i obviously love listening to OST in general
may 12 2018 ∞
may 24 2018 +

some celebrities i rlly like + the reason i started following them lol


  • tom hiddleston (miss austen regrets / marvel)
  • dane dehaan (chronicle)
  • bill skarsgård (hemlock grove)
  • landon liboiron (degrassi: the next generation)
  • cameron monaghan (gotham)
  • the entire gotham cast, tbh lol
  • jack gleeson (game of thrones)
  • natalie dormer (game of thrones)
  • matthew gray gubler (criminal minds)
  • robert pattinson (his own hate for twilight lol)
  • devon bostick (diary of a wimpy kid)
  • tom felton (harry potter)
  • nicholas hoult (skins)
  • hugh laurie (house m.d.)
  • chris pratt (parks and recreation)
  • kristen stewart (her dislike for twilight too)
  • chris evans (marvel)
  • sebastian stan (marvel)
may 14 2018 ∞
may 25 2018 +