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this account is just to list my favourite things & rubbish I love as a personal record because i'm a dumbass who loves making lists for fun, I know no one cares;;

robin (grin) follows:
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  • I play violin, piano, & a bit of panflute !, I'm a good swimmer (was in an advanced junior team) & I'm quite limber ;; I love baseball & parkour, + cooking is a hobby of mine
  • I love mythology, the paranormal (especially vampires, UFOs & cryptids), the circus, pirates, astrology, big cities (especially at night) , the countryside (+ the wild west), nature (& animals), vintage stuff (mainly the 50's) & world cultures ...
  • countries I've travelled to: USA, Spain, Monaco, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, England & Russia ;; I wanna go to lots more lol
  • "prince" is basically my "title" lol (friends & classmates call me that), some friends call me "satan" (there's a reason haha) & my dear friend Edrev calls me "padawan"
  • I have an aesthetic personal "moodboard" album that I think really describes me + my interests, likes & hobbies;;
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  • colours: oranges, greens & the dark red-purple spectrum (blood red, crimson, burgundy, tyrian purple) ;; + I like pinks, gold & silver (but all colours are pretty when applied in a good palette)
  • animals: all of them (seriously lol), but foxes are the animals most people I know associate me with (& the animal I "relate" to the most)
  • genres: slice of life, fiction, fantasy (& dark fantasy), psychological, mystery, thriller, horror, adventure...
  • musical genres: alternative (rock, metal, pop), indie (rock, folk, pop, electronic), punk, pop rock, rockabilly, symphonic metal, emo, swing, jazz, blues, carnival music, classical (& instrumentals) a bit of k-pop ;; + I really like musicals!
  • food: asian cuisine (japanese, indian, chinese...), seafood (cold seafood, aguachile, fish & chips, crab cakes, lobster rolls, salmon bagels, dried shrimp patties, spanish octopus, clam chowder, tuna croquettes...), cheese, pasta, chilaquiles, tortilla soup, mushroom soup, castilian garlic soup, tomato soup, most fruit & veggies (except onions ew)
    • snacks: mintchip ice cream, cereal (lucky charms!), ice cream cake, fruit pies, s'mores, flavoured popcorn, crepe cake, macaroons, cheddar soft pretzels, chaskas, disney's or...
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these are my only accounts, if it isn't listed here it's not me

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  • robin a.k.a. "grin"
  • he/him or she/her
  • july 24 | grey-a | pescetarian
  • white mexican from the bajío region
  • spanish (native), english (fluent), esperanto (advanced), french (intermediate), japanese (basic)

personality stuff:

  • 3w4, 4w5, 5w4
  • chaotic neutral


  • chart: leo sun (12th) ◆ scorpio moon (4th) ◆ gemini venus (11th) ◆ gemini mars (11th) ◆ leo mercury (1st) ◆ leo rising
  • 6th house stellium
  • dominant signs: 1) leo, gemini, 2) scorpio, virgo
  • dominant planets: 1) mercury, 2) uranus
  • dominant element: fire

fiction stuff "self" (for fun lol):

  • prince ◆ vampire ◆ slytherin ◆ wampus ◆ fox patronus ◆ cabin 13 / cabin 11 ◆ firebender ◆ sith ◆ upir ◆ lannister ◆ baskerville dukedom ◆ shadowclan / riverclan ◆ district 4 ◆ pirate ◆ vexos ◆ darkus / pyrus attributes ◆ erudite faction ◆ ghost-fire pokémon ◆ fallen angel ◆ ninja
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  • (I'd rather you don't... it's better if you share, retweet or reblog the original) ...but if I can't stop you, then:


  • Using fanart of fictional characters (from books, series, films, etc):
  • Using my OC's:
  • Using other people's OC's that I've drawn (gifts, trades, commissions):
    • OFF-LIMITS (unless it's your OC ofc)
  • Using my work (in general) for a video/post as visual support of the content:
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  • pandora hearts, over the garden wall, bakugan new vestroia (I love the vexos), invader zim, ghibli (+ many other japanese animated films), disney (including star wars & marvel), house md, we bare bears, DC (especially teen titans & the batfam), laika (I'm a big fan of stop motion), foster's home for imaginary friends, percy jackson & the olympians (rick riordan in general!), dreamworks, & warriors (yea the cats); I also love retro-ish cartoons (80's, 90's & early 00's, + modern) notably from nickelodeon & cartoon network; + I like tim burton, harry potter, lord of the rings; & lots of other films & series + musicals...
    • I love anime & manga (aside from pandora hearts & bakugan) such as monster, berserk, devilman, mononoke, deadman wonderland, evangelion, saint seiya, vanitas no carte, my hero academia, nabari no ou, code geass, wolf's rain, ginga (silver fang), digimon, pokémon, + slice of life stuff, & lots more...
    • some of my fav books (aside from rick riordan's) are le petit prince, white fang, a series of unfortunate events, lord of the flies, wings of fire, the named, artemis fowl, fablehaven, foxcraft... + horror books
    • not that into videogames but I enjoy: majora's mask, left 4 dead, bendy & the ink machine, cuphead, castlevania, sims 2 psp (has a story), kingdom hearts, final fantasy, zoo tycoon, age of mythology, animal crossing... + classic arcade games;; indie, animal & horror games
    • I like welcome to night vale, the orbiting human circus & homestuck too lol
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about my art status

  • REQUESTS- no (you can send ideas in my suggestions box but I don't guarantee anything)
  • TRADES- mutuals & friends
  • COMMISSIONS- someday
  • JOINING a mep/production team/contest- idk maybe if I'm interested and have time


[any basic / technical info that could easily be found in the description]

  • read the description of what I post lol


I see some mistakes / areas of improvement, mind if I critique your work?

  • please do, send it in my critique box! I really appreciate receiving constructive criticism and opinions


questions about my OC's / projects

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