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[all you need to do is write five things • it can be people's names, places, emotions, film titles, song titles, bands, anything that sums up your day • do this each day on your listography • copy and paste this so others know what this list is about]

  • 30 Sun → trying to figure out tuition info with Dad • sometimes he actually shows his softer side • got a 100% on my psych exam; haven't gotten that score in yea r s • ordered Mashu acrylic charms from an artist • pizza? yeah, sure
  • 29 Sat → didn't feel like going out today • read through Magicians Assemble • frustrated at dinnertime • super rainy and drafty... it was the perfect sleeping weather • fell asleep by 8:30pm
  • 28 Fri → listened to (yesterday's) last episode of Indivisible • got Garret's popcorn for Ma • my last club board meeting ;v; • witnessed Riley scout her best boy, dreams do come tru • accidentally microwaved cheese dip in its styrofoam cup...
  • 27 Thu → Ma got the plastic inserts removed from her nose, so we ordered takeout for lunch to celebrate • took the long route while walking to TTS • spent $$ for sushi but had a nice chat with Kyra • why yes, I am a Latina studying STEM, lol I forgot that's a rare thing in science • free (relatively good!) Thursday night food, ayyy
  • 26 Wed → lowkey cramming for psych exam • scantrons for this exam, meeh • forgot my wrist brace at home, so no computer for me • playing Funemployed • learned exactly what Samurai Jack was/why it's nostalgic for many ppl
  • 25 Tue → why can't I write and make deadlines • I've been awake since 5am but 5* TSUMUGI CAME HOME • turned in my paper 16 hours late, welp • the perfect day actually opened the windows this afternoon • (seasonal) cherry cheesecake ice cream (w/graham crackers)
  • 24 Mon → made slides for social hour, went to bed at 6am (in hindsight, I think people enjoyed it) • tempted to miss class but I love listening to psych lectures • I have such little faith in men, I'm utterly abhorred and disgusted, but that man was sick in the head; this is all I will ever write, I'm not going to dwell on it • received roses for Holocaust Remembrance Day • showed Stacy the ropes of becoming secretary
  • 23 Sun → Nadine's baby shower • Tio's food is absolutely stellar, I love • all the (first and second) cousins are so tight-knit together, that's why I'm never here • Al's account of Garfield Ridge history • Ma really liked the leftover cake
  • 22 Sat → science march; I just fear bring alone in crowded spaces • a good day to mow the lawn • Dulce V's with Eric • all hail the Bartlett gates • he helped me play FGO
  • 21 Fri → Ma's deviated septum surgery • Argo tea gave me $1 off for bringing my own tumbler • tourists sure do love Garret's popcorn • differing accounts of Blu-Ray players for movie night • vicariously experiencing C2E2, yep gotta save money
  • 20 Thu → it's gonna be a (financially) poor ACen this year • i can't believe it takes so long for me to post photos, ugh • fav j-song of the day: Salt and Sugar • worked out • the last dinner before Ma's surgery, it was a really good one
  • 19 Wed → "it's 4/20-eve" and other Snoop references • Marching for Science IT'S NISA • virtually visiting Central Town, MO • Wig Out - Serena: "do you have a bit of draaag in you?" elderly man in audience: "I like your clocks" • succumbed to capitalism: the 7-Eleven edition
  • 18 Tue → broke my f2p status in enstars • the most unusual package ever received • a dunkaccino probably counts more as coffee than a latte • "do you have 15 seconds to spare for a meme?" • it's a very godly thing to do
  • 17 Mon → slowly starting to clear out my locker • forgot my notebook at home • introduced a friend to enstars (she's already a bigger fan of it than i am, lol) "is it an idle game?" idol? "idle, as in you do nothing to play it" in that case, it's an idle idol game • do it for Pigman
  • 16 Sun → nothing ever changes at SDP • wrapped up Nadine's present • Snap Judgment♪ The Klan • key lime pie is absolutely delicious • Sign of the Times
  • 15 Sat → enstars Mugi event (i love u, but am i strong enough for u) • it's not an "alt;" I call it a "secondary" • Osaka Gardens, Crystal Gardens, Olive Park • so this is where photogs hang out... • if it means not harming you
  • 14 Fri → irritated • photo processing • I had a set list of what to do today • the last pepper egg sandwich of the season • didn't play p5 all day... proud of myself
  • 13 Thu → dad ate a salad today and inspired me to eat one, too • the world is more fragile than i thought • bro brightened my day with a run to DD • lowkey inserted P5 references into the weekly email • due to scattered storms, the official club outing to the gardens was cancelled
  • 12 Wed → why are people so overly proactive and intimidating, ugh; should I join a lab again? • the gender quiz • comparing old pictures • dad's freaking out over his sleep study • takeout hype
  • 11 Tue → Persona 5 is taking over my life and it's pretty great, actually • 3 cars and 2 pedestrians crossed the train tracks while the gates were down • I kinda-almost cry fairly easily • Life Left to Go • it was $3.49, actually
  • 10 Mon → psych exam • "you stole my steelbook" "mmm? well, you stole my heart" • high culture, low culture • I didn't want to be (a) down(er) today • overlooking this year's national sibling day
  • 09 Sun → an eggcelent brunch at Eggsperience • you see, she's very nice, but not quite empathetic • why do men have to flaunt their machismo • didn't study for my exam • Learn Again except describing my love-hate relationship with academia
  • 08 Sat → dad just likes to feel helpful (he doesn't actually help, tho) • studied at Argo Tea in the Tribune Tower • mild regret for not seeing Your Name subbed, but saw it with several good friends~ • chazuke w/turkey • disclosed my (lack of) future plans to a friend
  • 07 Fri → took the long route to the bus stop • the barista was super excited to make a drink in a personal cup • PR interviews: Round 2 • the Jewish life center gave us pizza (and lowkey wanted us to convert to Judaism) • exchanging 3am ACen stories
  • 06 Thu → meant to be active/productive, but wasn't • PR interviews: Round 1 • while on break, Eric gave me a few saltines • (regarding the US air force strike against Syria) the world's gonna end sooner than I thought • purchased Persona 5 today... I better finish it before the world ends
  • 05 Wed → don't schedule a parade on a day it might rain • visiting the loop postal center • La Bomba • Catholic Radicalism in the Age of Trump • half joking about not inviting cousins to large-scale events, half serious
  • 04 Tue → nostalgia for Star Driver • finally, a perk of having a friend who has a best friend • more backyard raking • told mom an easier route to get to the mechanic's • feeling regretti for not preordering Persona 5
  • 03 Mon → got a bandage from Eric for my blister before class • the post office is so cool • suggested Hamidasumo! as this week's music video • loaded gyro fries; Nicky's (gyros) (a chance encounter on the bus) • I'm helpless at the computer without my wrist brace, ugh
  • 02 Sun → talk about Catholicism • introduced papa to the chai latte • gardening to "exfoliate" the grass; got a blister from raking • frustrated with my extended family • watched to j-music videos until 3am
  • 01 Sat → 72 cutest animals: the highland cow • family drama • a girl (asking for money) on the river front startled me while playing llsif... I think I scared her ;v; • Eric made it to the theater, just in time! • the houses in Logan Square are always impressive
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