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[all you need to do is write five things • it can be people's names, places, emotions, film titles, song titles, bands, anything that sums up your day • do this each day on your listography • copy and paste this so others know what this list is about]

  • 31 Thu → (finally) felt hyped for Youma! did a lot of research about the weekend • the 31st means one thing: discounted double scoop ice cream at Basking Robbins • felt nostalgic at the garden at the Art Institute of Chicago • Mario Kart 8 on the Switch • kind thoughts about singer/songwriters
  • 30 Wed → I'm attributing sugary coffee for my good mood • 11am PoGO raid: "we never got recess when we were sevvies" • new Mashu merch for sale! • cooking dinner with BB19 in the background (hide-and-go veto) • Mattress Mack gives me hope
  • 29 Tue → can someone plz satisfy my craving for cake? • the Knights mini live was an experience, I'll tell you what • how long can I push off working out? • I miss yesterday's news on Harvey, the inspirational stories of people helping people from the rising flood waters • felt a mighty urge to play Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS
  • 28 Mon → "you're gonna call, right?" • afternoon rain/overcast (I almost forgot to close the kitchen window) • walk for DD iced coffee • highkey social anxiety • late night: playing the llsif medfest, watching The Match Game with Betty White as a celebrity guest
  • 27 Sun → chores, including hot gluing my headphones • another hard conversation, but Dad (still) believes in me • quick trip to Kohl's • to our surprise, there's a low-income neighborhood just minutes away from home • Knights live performance video!?? and other Sunday evening music
  • 26 Sat → why am I sad and heavyhearted over people who are (relatively) distant from my (now everyday) life? • "still thirsty? just let minnow" and other uplifting moments • really hope I can go to youma • to Niles (for food) and to the HIP (for dessert) • "look what you made me do" except referring to eating more tacos
  • 25 Fri → woke up several times to get to 3.3mil in Enstars, but I did it. good game, all. • wholehearted sympathy for the residents of Texas experiencing hurricane Harvey • treadmill • watched the evening sunset • 20/20 episode about Jonathan Koch and his hand transplant
  • 24 Thu → I should wake up earlier more often... • chatted with a guy on the bus about PoGO, then he decided to show me his Blastoise tattoo... ~awkward~ • Suzu was relatively ordinary person in an unimaginable historical era • asiago bagel w/strawberry jelly • the best Starbucks cafe and the best train ride back to the city
  • 23 Wed → more progress at cleaning my bedroom • started watching This Is Us and it pulled a few heartstrings • perhaps I might've mentioned, in passing, that he could come over~ • cooking dinner and BB19's Zingbot PoV • Ma got sunflowers because they reminded her of me, and I'm humbled
  • 22 Tue → early morning existential breakdown • "is the worth of my life dependent on whether I'm present online or I hide?" -Charlie • apparently, organizing old post-it notes and rearranging my journal isn't productive • the Cook county sweetened beverage tax includes almond milk too?? (actually, no! thank goodness) • stayed up late to make a carrd (which would redirect to my listography)
  • 21 Mon → the Great American Solar Eclipse (feat. Tom Skilling) • while Eric was worried about my safety, no one in my family was excited for the eclipse, sigh • caught up on two weeks' worth of Fate/Apocrypha episodes in the (newly painted) Corner • wanna go to Chinatown?? let's go to Chinatown • bread, candy and chatime tea (hahha, it sounds like the perfect day) (and it was)
  • 20 Sun → commuting through Block 37 underground is a wonder in this urban metropolis • I honestly need to make a better attempt to attend the Air & Water Show next year. for real. I'm so accustomed to planes flying in a straight line • Olive Garden (guess who has leftovers!) and downtown TCBY (before the drizzle) • express train from Halsted to Pulaski! • watched Sunday night Chicago shows while playing mobage
  • 19 Sat → we gotta schedule a date to go to Fishman's! ~excite~ • Enstars: waited for this day for a long time (that is, to grind) • exactly how many people does it take to kill a fly? answer: n/a (three to hunt it down, one to open a window) • researched about the history of gangs in Chicago • basically, Ma just ordered an entire pizza for herself (the perks of adulthood, I suppose)
  • 18 Fri → The Fall of the Simpsons • doing chores, making rice, finding the missing vacuum part • strongly craving bubble tea • bought a small notebook to use as a mobage login bullet journal at Blick • summoning Orion in F/GO in three pulls! I'm so grateful
  • 17 Thu → Valkyrie dropped previews for their second album overnight and I'm Living • ...Ma, I really don't know what I want to do. I hate this. I'm sorry. • PoGO: there were 2 Lapris(es) within a 3 block radius and. I missed both of them. even while on a bike. • listened to lots of podcasts while grinding to T2 for llsif • BB19 double eviction
  • 16 Wed → in a thoughtful mood (and wrote a lot) • have ya ever looked into the smiling eyes of the 44th president of the United States and begin to cry? because I sure did • Dad asked if I ever saw The Wind Rises and wow I forgot how much I loved that film • a spider?? almost landed on my head?? this is like the 4th one this summer • cleaned up my room (or so I tried)
  • 15 Tue → woke up late for Enstars, lol (and so it begins!!) • printed out a map of suburbia • drank an outrageous amount of green iced tea (in the isolated cup, solely for cold drinks) • the evening is great for running (because it's dark outside) • checked FB's "On This Day" feature and yup, now I remember why I never check it
  • 14 Mon → just, exactly why was I so lackluster at experiential learning? • finished listening to S-Town, but a website comment said it best: it's about "a fascinating person who yearned to be known beyond his small world" • after showing me "Today's Haul (Not Clickbait)" bro gave me a Level 20 PoGO badge • Ma developed photos from yesterday~ • I'm internally shaming twitter users who are making the move from listography to carrd
  • 13 Sun → avoided political news all week, just so I can properly digest it during the Sunday morning news shows • the overwhelming number of PoGO stops in Logan Square is just astounding • Titi's 60th (Surprise) Birthday party • "yup, you can tell this restaurant is family-owned" wait, how so? "they all look like each other" • got caught by the world's shortest freight train on the way home; flashback to getting caught by the train after school on Bus 12
  • 12 Sat → in terms of the upcoming Enstars event announcement, I'm nOT SAFE • pruned the hibiscus tree • a teenager caught a Zapdos for me at Dailey Plaza in a single throw, I'm shook • Bon Odori (feat. over-the-top weebs, furries, and horrendous ita bags); I started to feel better about my inconspicuous self • after today's events, I proudly clutched my new stuffed Corgi all the way home (to quote: "he doesn't care about winning")
  • 11 Fri → summer camp kids getting cold smoothies @ Chinatown • free pizza from TTS; chatting with Mark about his incredible Overwatch project • I can proudly state that we walked from campus all the way to downtown • the cousin on the Forbidden side of my family sent me a FB event invitation? what should I do about this? • never actually sent the fella my message via sarahah, but wow did it feel relieving to express stored up feelings in 695 characters
  • 10 Thu → "gotta wake up and eat a good breakfast" well, that certainly was accomplished (chicken quesodillas) • bro asked me to catch Pokemon for him if I ever travel abroad, lol • I... forgot to add Adobo to tonight's dinner (oops) • LLSIF worldwide poster girl campaign (and indecision) • so essentially I had a choice: to break my 5-day PoGO gym streak or to watch Terry Gross on the Tonight Show; I chose the latter.
  • 09 Wed → Ma had her varicose veins injected today • caught a Zapdos on my first throw? I'm 1 for 2! • I've barely ever walked around the near west and near north loop areas • a woman took my drink by chai bubble tea by mistake and returned it to the counter :sadface: • listened nintendude92's llsif stream on the way home and arrived just in time for BB19
  • 08 Tue → fall asleep early, wake up early; what a good feeling • except I literally laid down on the floor in the same place where I was last week • a while ago dad recommended me to watch I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore lol it's definitely more of his type of movie • bro's charging cable got caught in the doorknob and his phone shattered on the bathroom floor • Dad just wanted to make sure I remembered Grampa's birthday and yes, it's been on my mind - 8/8/28
  • 07 Mon → scouted for Tsumugi and it was everything I could've hoped for~ • WheresGeorge dollar bill entry • iGen - ppl born btwn 1995 to 2012 who grew up with a smartphone during adolescence (via All Things Considered) • tfw 30+ people are mindlessly loitering in front of a downtown building, casually playing PoGO (what a sight) • ate subway sandwiches along the median of State & Lake
  • 06 Sun → today I'm sad because a mobage cancelled their own character's birthday (re: enstars cancelled Tsumugi's birthday) • everyday I get intimidated by Adobe software (and, everyday, I never produce anything) • mowed the back lawn and trimmed the hibiscus tree • BB19: Welcome to the Josh Show • "see? Papa's a playa" yes dad, you really do understand the vidyagames
  • 05 Sat → late start to the morning • I got unnecessarily frustrated over the unpatriotic Thin Blue Line flags. again. • "you got something from Japan" -Ma • small family cookout at Titi's boyfriend's house • met Ginger & Stella! and Melody!! I love dogs
  • 04 Fri → it's not that I like cooler weather, I just like wearing plaid shirts • lolla. peopel. evrywhre. • caught a Moltres in front of the Water Tower Place! • Argo Tea Cafe (@ Connors Park) • don't say you're "from Chicago" until after you've visited Palmisano Park
  • 03 Thu → biked to the post office to drop off Ma's phone case (before the ebay seller gets on my case, ha) • didn't have the heart to ask for a iced chai with "easy on the ice" • Eric stopped by (with soft pretzels) • though my interest wanes for score matches, I continued my T2 streak on LLSIF • S-Town?? is such a brilliant podcast?? y es
  • 02 Wed → a long talk with dad about the future; he urged me to pray to my great grandmother • totally forgot that listening to podcasts is, like, a thing • online window shopping • dad brought me a bagel this afternoon • youtuber's FGO livestream (the end of Nerofest)
  • 01 Tue → signing up for classes? getting a job? I don't know what to do anymore • literally laid down on the living room floor, feeling awful about myself • afternoon sun showers • cleaned out the pantry cabinet by the stove • walked to the farther PokeGO gym bc there were people at the closer PokeGO gym
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