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  • 31 Sun → FGO livestream (it /didn't/ start at 6am) (so I had an opportunity to watch it) • dad walked over to ma, holding the brookie for bro's friend, and asked her, "'re hiding this from me?" • streamed the Aqours performance on NHK World • after giving me a scarf and gloves, Titi showed me her impressive Christmas village on display in Meli's apartment • tired, but still optimistic
  • 30 Sat → chatted with Dad about the legalities of public accommodation and how, although my friend is in a grey area, she's not in the wrong • shopping at DSW and Kohl's, for new boots and new jeans • Roxane Gay's "Is it too late to follow my dreams?" NYTimes op-ed • dad went off the leash? he gets so angry from 0 to 100 and it's so destabilizing, it doesn't make sense • Ma treated me to iHop for dinner
  • 29 Fri → searched for the MorningGlory online store... I think December 29th is an appropriate time to order a new planner • package from Goods Republic came today! I had to sign for it • did four (long overdue) loads of laundry (and finally fluffed the MyPillow) • sometimes I wonder if we depress each other? as in, how one's negative energy could rub off on the other • late night phone call, but I'm glad I helped him out! one tends to magnify bad events of the past and diminish the good of the present
  • 28 Thu → pasteles w/white rice, I've been waiting since Monday for this meal • "ok, call these people on the phone" ??? pHONE?? sheer fear • her "it's snowing outside" remark didn't really set in until I, y'know, actually walked outside when the sun went down • I don't feel guilty for watching anime today? maybe it's because I worked • Ma bought me a new sweater today
  • 27 Wed → bro's Christmas present to me arrived in the mail: a portable charger (see Sat.) • interview at the coffee shop, and I got the job?? it was so lowkey, I'm perplexed how quickly they on-boarded people • called Ma about the news, and returned home with a good feeling • it's so cold outside, the moisture in my nose started to freeze (en route for PoGO) • Recovery of an MMO Junkie's cringeworthy but this cringe/flavor of genderbender is exactly my type of thing; not highly recommended but 10/10
  • 26 Tue → stayed up until 4am waiting for the SIF event to start (like a fool), but finally published my reflection (re: 8th place in the Kotopana event) • "even squats are a form of weightlifting" um ok I guess • chatting with dad about weightlifting, that is, while eating a frosty • "Don't stress out about what has passed or what is meant to be" • it's so bitter cold outside, I wore two sweaters when we picked up bro from work
  • 25 Mon → alright I can def attest to better, smoother mornings; otherwise, it feels like I'm petaling a bike against the wind • "that present is something you've held in your hand" ofc it's Big Hero 6 on bluray, amazing • Ma ended up giving bro the perfect Christmas present: a perfect Raltz in PoGO • DD after this year's cookie exchange, because in this case, I see coffee as a reward • Puerto Rican pasteles > Mexican tamales, always
  • 24 Sun → with a new dust plug and glass screen protector, essentially, bro has given me a revamped phone for Christmas • Christmas (Eve) dinner, featuring turkey, stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes and arroz con gandules • watching Beauty and the Beast, or as I would've summarized beforehand: they all sing Bonjour, Be Our Guest, do The Dance, and turn back into humans • freaked out over receiving a MyPillow, only moments after the commercial aired on TV • while FGO grinding for Altera the Sun(ta), discovered the Hilarious World of Depression podcast
  • 23 Sat → I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GIFT, WHAT IS A GIFT • Eric gave me an early Christmas present: a portable charger (see Wed.) • noodles are much more enjoyable without their sodium-filled broth • dad's advice to "never let someone make you feel bad about yourself" was put to the test today and held up ever-so true tonight at the restaurant • maybe I should admit I have a lot of learned helplessness, even when it comes to mobage
  • 22 Fri → visited Chinatown, the memorial is still there a day after the vigil (You did well Jonghyun) • hot oolong milk tea w/boba, I mean "when in Rome" • walked to the Papyrus store in North Bridge; their cards don't have the same sentiment as Hallmark cards, but wow, they sure are beautifully crafted • rode the bus back home, and made it back in time to make dinner • the 3rd placer in the SIF event not only accepted my friend request, but followed me on sukutomo? I'm flattered
  • 21 Thu → as promised, new beginnings are up ahead • after detesting all things Christmas for 1.5 months, it's hard to let myself enjoy the holiday to it's fullest ("it only comes one a year") • Grandma called! and I picked up the phone! she thanked us for the flowers • llsif separation anxiety? maybe, but channeled that into a quality photo at Christkindlmart • chatted with Kyra and her friend for a good hour outside of Nordstrom
  • 20 Wed → melancholy over missing my exercise routine? yes • finally looked into and caught up on the 2017 Youtube Rewind drama (too many people with too little screentime) • I could only spare 2 hours (120 minutes) of inactivity before the deadline • see, the point of the Five Things list isn't to document my excessive llsif activity, but in reality, it still sorta is...? finished and earned 8th/740k for 874~
  • 19 Tue → made rubber strap purchases in the fb sales group today • I wanna listen to MBMBAM but gotta wait until no one's around :v • imagine the worst case scenario, then asking yourself, and realizing the greatest risk is staying in stasis • "how will this get me closer to my vision board?" • never actually noticed how bothered dad was regarding how my cousins never call him "tio"
  • 18 Mon → I've come to accept that my cousins aren't supposed to be my best friends, and I ought to better embrace our arms-distance relationship • Jonghyun, a member of SHINee, committed suicide, and I just have so much to process • never forget: today is Colby Burnett Day, an actual state holiday • FGO livestream, (feat. Mendez) and introduced Albert, a national treasure • bro and I are individuals, and dad helped me to realize our differences on this matter
  • 17 Sun → NPR's Sunday programming kept me informed and entertained all day~ • procrastinated on eating breakfast, tried a Wendy's protein salad (t'was much better than expected!) • Ma baked the kolackys this time, and baked 2x more than I ever did in a single sitting • leftover meatballs (with lettuce; yes, it's another salad, lol) • apparently there's a house in the neighborhood with a really good Christmas light set-up; certainly another sight to see (after the 21st)
  • 16 Sat → imo it's easiest to break big news to Dad, and then he can present that information in an effortless, easy-to-digest fashion for Ma • missed out on dim sum bc poor planning from a mile away • apparently it was Target's "day of giving" and everyone at the theater received $5 giftcards to AMC and Target, as well as a plushie of Bullseye, the mascot doggo • Star Wars Episode VIII, where Marco exclaimed "Yoda? I haven't seen him in decades!" on the train station platform • ok maybe I'm oversensitive, staining the tag of the doggo plushie accidentally
  • 15 Fri → "isn't it something how there's usually a Starbucks within the immediate vicinity of a Chipotle?" and other observations • visiting the new doctor's office; Finding Dory was playing in the waiting room • thank goodness the other woman at the bus stop knew rudimentary Spanish, aiding the woman needing to board the bus across the street (and not ours) • chunky snowfall, lightly dusting the neighborhood • the sushi chef at Jewel's deserves a Christmas card, she set aside our order and labeled it specifically for us, God bless
  • 14 Thu → leaving a message on an answering machine is 10x worse than calling someone in general • taking a moment to realize how patient Eric is with me, and how things would be different if our positions were reversed • actually participated in nintendude92's stream of the SIF comp match; he called me a "new viewer" while in reality I've been a casual lurker for like, the past 8 months • so turns out, Ma's new medication makes her feel drastically drowsy • tried to channel Tio while frying chicken on the stove top (and I think it worked!)
  • 13 Wed → today was a day to appreciate how it feels like to not have pain (from a lack of sleep) • ran with bro for PoGO (what else would we be running for?) and frantically passed by Michelle's father(??) the shame's finally setting in • I'm kinda surprised bro never realized DD has Almond Joy hot chocolate for the season • didn't do what I was "supposed" to do, and tbh the day slipped away • as CAD draws closer, I feel less inclined to lobbycon and more inclined to stay cooped up at home, grinding the Kotopana event
  • 12 Tue → got my sleep schedule back on track! • I'm just incredibly scared to random twitter users' companion matches on the #SIFcompmatch tag?? anxiety • the fallacies of "Mexican immigrants taking American jobs" as reported on This American Life • treadmill, where I took interest in the Christmas concert tomorrow; • late night PoGO adventure for a Larvitar (or so I tried), but wound up catching a wild 2200CP Growlithe
  • 11 Mon → extreme late night shenanigans: pulling UR musician Hanayo and the start of the Kotopana Companion Match • the beauty of the iced latte is that when kept in a thermos, it's still good to drink hours later • while waiting at the train station, I focused on foot traffic, as in, the types of shoes people wore moments before they stepped foot out into the snow • theater Christmas party • cramps so hurtful I was about to cry
  • 10 Sun → public television, selling the best of The Carpenters as apart of their wintertime fundraiser • Ma and Dad went to DSW go get new shoes, coming back successful • watched Umidah's Pocket Animal Crossing LP; why download the game if I can vicariously experience the AC gameplay? • very positive reviews about GoodsRepublic in the itabag group; highly considering using them for rare merch (bc I'm too lazy to look into warehouses and proxies) • Ma got a new phone, and game me her defected phone; spent a lot of time researching android troubleshooting, and why the S4 powers down on its own
  • 09 Sat → read up on Patreon drama, and how they'd prefer fewer, life-changed creators instead of many creators earning a few dollars • bro drove Sparky all the way to the northside (and he had a bit of an anger issue while behind the wheel) • finally saw Coco, and I continued to sob like a baby through the film's end credits • iHop to-go, with Eric's mom bringing us bottled water to compliment our meal (she's an angel) • we then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening looking up mariachi music on youtube
  • 08 Fri → late night internet search: how Midnight Sun, an upcoming movie for March 2018, is based on a 2006 Japanese film of the same name, staring singer Yui • watching Taiyo no Uta across 7 different dailymotion videos • for the first time in months, documented a good hair day • Ma came home early, and it was a pleasure talking with her while preparing dinner • Memory Rescue (bright minds), and how when you stop learning, your brain starts dying
  • 07 Thu → we were heat-less again today, but only for ~1hr • what football will look like in the future , an interactive novel (apparently I'm 5 months late to the phenomenon) • confusing a "meatball salad" with a "meatball sandwich" is an honest mistake, actually • didn't think I could cry from laughing, but thanks internet, today I shed a tear • got super nostalgic over the "Trilogy of Error" episode of The Simpsons
  • 06 Wed → Time's Person of the Year: the silence breakers • bro's perfecting his impression of the old lady who asks for 4 slices of ham, cut "bery bery dhin" for her toothless cat • invited him over because a bad day can happen to anyone • which bakery are these cookies from? "the NY styled one" ooooo • tips to avoid feeling anxious at holiday parties: focus on the reason you're here
  • 05 Tue → I'm feeling Very Alive but it's late Mon/early Tues so no one else is alive • "as they say, necessity is the mother of invention" as otherwise exemplified to the extreme on daytime television • "I usually get hungry after I work out" yeahhh no dad; I get hungry before and just don't exercise • my spotify "2017 wrap-up" was sabotaged by DA songs, lol maybe next year • sometimes it doesn't even feel like the year (2017) has even passed
  • 04 Mon → craved pizza and it wasn't all that bad! maybe I should declare spinach and mushroom as my fav • brought my bag to a movie my girl wasn't even in, but it was okay! a guy asked for a photo and we talked about best girl • at least Ari took our photo, so it wasn't like spontaneous conversation wasn't for naught • Ma said that there'd be storms in the late evening, and boy, were there storms alright • bless Cassie for putting up with us (in the rain)
  • 03 Sun → apparently our ward gave Harold Washington the lowest vote total in the 1983 city election?? appalled, but not surprised • Not A Whale's solemn message about gacha games , feeling a bit relieved that I'm not an excessive spender • gave ol' Santa my ebay wishlist; here's to hoping! • approached Ma about the movie tomorrow and 10/10 that talk went more smoothly with Dad in my corner • that sudden craving at 9pm to bake a brookie (and everyone patiently waiting/staying up until 10:30pm to eat said brookie)
  • 02 Sat → I just anticipated her getting really exhausted...? I backed out because I wouldn't have a pleasant experience • baked batches of kolacky cookies and needless to say, the 2nd batch was better than the 1st • I think my favorite part of the sandwich was the shredded red onions • Geoffrey Baer's Chicago River Tour (the 2017 ed.) they even included the new riverfront Apple store! • picked up tamales with Sparky, and ate some while watching SNL
  • 01 Fri → it's the first day of meteorological winter, but also "only 90 days until the first day of meteorological spring!" • don't ever use the lawn mower to rake leaves, that was a bad idea • a woman approached me from her car for directions in Spanish and I replied to her in English im EEEEEEXPOSED • "someone asked about you at the restaurant" that's one of those things that just happens and you never follow up on it, ya feel? • why is Lou Malnati's salad better than their pizza (their pizza isn't bad or anything, but just sayin'...)
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