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[all you need to do is write five things • it can be people's names, places, emotions, film titles, song titles, bands, anything that sums up your day • do this each day on your listography • copy and paste this so others know what this list is about]

  • 31 Mon → ham & cheese buns for him; winter melon milk tea for me • ran into Crystal and met the Alabama cousins (Juanita and Sophia) • sat along the lakefront together this afternoon • got distracted by clouds (the white puffy dog) and more clouds (in the evening sky) • bro went to a Sox game and they came back from a 6-1 score in the 7th inning, and won the game 7-6
  • 30 Sun → next time, I'm asking for light ice in my iced chai (that is, if I ever get an iced chai again) • picked up Titi Martha from her home • Melissa's (surprise) birthday party; fine Italian dining~ • I just feel so lonely at these family gatherings, everyone is either drastically older or younger than me • rolled in the paid FGO gacha, got duped by Da Vinci
  • 29 Sat → love live song covers are a thing?? browsed covers until the early morning • Ma went to Titi Martha's today • stared at my merch for a long while as the late afternoon crept into an early evening • rode along in the evening to pick up bro from work; got a free frosty at Wendy's (they made one too many frosties) • FGO Fest day 2 livestream; they introduced Holmes to the gacha
  • 28 Fri → the seller shipped the wrong phone case for Ma, so I have to open an ebay case with them :( • walked along the riverwalk and towards the harbor • got more merch today; "you gotta feed the bag" • ate Forever Yogurt along Chicago Ave. (but sat in the Starbucks seating area) • dropped off my Snorlax at the nearby gym @11pm, felt like I was dropping off a child at a sleepover
  • 27 Thu → JBiebs helping out the photographer he accidentally ran over was a kind, deeply moving act • hung out with bro to play PokeGO (it's not that bad of a game anymore?) • Union station, the Italian sub shop and the Flamingo; I finally got the birb~ • BB19: Ramses didn't deserve to go, but Josh def deserved to stay • finalizing the FGO Fes proxy merch order (timezones are a terrible thing)
  • 26 Wed → tamales for breakfast! • it took 25 minutes to fill a private room on the sif discord, that was a bad idea • mowed the lawn, it was cloudy today (and therefore, a good day to do yardwork) • purposefully walked around the neighborhood to continue my PokeGo login streak • returned my neighbor's text about lawn mowers
  • 25 Tue → bro had jury duty today • explored Premiere for a very long time • a 7-Eleven slurpee has never been more refreshing • watched ep. 4 of Fate/Apocrypha together~ • a little girl was falling asleep in her stroller and caught her cell phone from falling • chicken caesar salad
  • 24 Mon → felt incredibly energetic today • made a last minute attempt for the guaranteed PokeGO catch rates, but left too late • what matters most is not the Pokemon caught, but the kilometers walked • someone stole Ma's phone at work today, so it was a downtrodden evening
  • 23 Sun → I should be proud of my photography but I'm just not? • so many PokeGO players downtown, it was outrageous • caught a Lugia in Chinatown! without a guaranteed rate! • celebratory boba tea is a must • "sudden thunderstorms" well, that was unexpected
  • 22 Sat → Mexican food~ but a woman representing her party of 12 cut in front of us, ugh • bro never heard of #DeadRaccoonTO before today, I'm shocked • felt a World of Pain today, I wouldn't wish that on anybody • vicariously experienced Pokemon Fest via the PokeGO Facebook group (but it was a bust anyways, so I can't be too upset) • cut Ma's birthday cake after bro got off from work
  • 21 Fri → kinda wanted to go to the beach event, kinda felt ridiculously overwhelmed over the prospect of talking to new people • on and off rainstorms today • got (a large) honeydew milk tea, Ma said it looked good! • walked to the lake with Eric, we outta do that more often • after taking the car to the mechanic's, there was nothing wrong with it? but the brakes still squeak?
  • 20 Thu → tidied up my room (not significantly, but better than nothing); finally put the SIM card I won in a MyCokeRwards giveaway to good use • went to DD for an afternoon drink (got bro a frozen hot chocolate) • new charactoria clip arrived; rearranged my ita bag for a while • this playlist reinforced my (dis)belief in RNG gacha • Dominique got evicted on BB19
  • 19 Wed → stayed up until 5am finishing the Hanayo event, hopefully I made her proud~ • it was the saddest sight, Dad sitting on a chair in the humid kitchen with the fan on, the "happy birthday" decor hanging on the windows in the background • caught up on the last day of half AP in F/GO • almost had to wrap up Dad's present using Christmas wrapping paper. almost. • he emotionally broke down
  • 18 Tue → how can bro be "indifferent" about mayo • placed food for the rabbits, hopefully they'll eat it • we could have DD... or, how about fruit smoothies? • the Drumpf dancer on AGT lifted my spirits • Dad: "at least you'll be here to celebrate my birthday" I'm here by default
  • 17 Mon → used to scoff at 4chan users, but reading through /cgl/ is just so fascinating • imo washi tape improves the visibility of acrylic charms • mowed the lawn and discovered a rabbit's nest! and baby rabbits! • told Dad & bro about the rabbits, we're keeping it a secret from Ma • leftover ground beef and guacamole for dinner
  • 16 Sun → caught up on AMW drama and, most importantly, understood the "complaint denied" meme • it starts at 1pm (ahha, and not 2pm) I was short on time • imagine being the person who had to sew on all those sequins • individual Blaze pizzas are a perfect compromise • caught up on Fate/Apocrypha together
  • 15 Sat → very late start, the day passed by so quickly • spent a long time browsing the #itabag tag on instagram; some bags are #goals while others are just bad • Ma bought a new tumbler to replace her old one that broke • hamburgers are delicious but sadly, they... give me the runs... • certain people on the internet leave incredibly mean-hearted YouTube comments
  • 14 Fri → in Ma's own words (about me), "I finally got her to get a haircut" • lunch at Potbelly's; she makes a genuine effort to cheer me up • this pigeon mug is my finest purchase of the year. nothing can possibly top this. • "I'm feeling pretty swell, if I do say so myself" • almond milk is this incredible hit-or-miss type of phenomenon
  • 13 Thu → got electric shocked by the treadmill, that's a new one • my bro doesn't have gacha luck after all, ahha thanks for nothing • it was a lovely sentiment, but she misspelled my name... • farmer's market apple pie (made by chef Jen), a pleasant surprise • it's been 9 days since we've genuinely spoke with each other, and tbh I miss him
  • 12 Wed → sometimes I can appreciate a dark, stormy day • went out to the corner store, got some a can of Arizona tea • began watching Parks and Recreation and my bro suggested that I should start watching Community as well • I miss yelling to Eric about BB19 Ramses • *slams fists on table* (chants) almond milk, almond milk
  • 11 Tue → opened my phone and teared up over the notification, how did this happen • yes, it was 7/11 day but bro got a coolatta (and a latte for me) • worked out • misinformed Dad about tonight's dinner; never have I seen a man more disappointed • broke my NA F/GO login streak on my reroll accounts, welp
  • 10 Mon → overslept for the event, lol, competitive gaming isn't my thing • I fell back asleep, I value sleep so much • dad'd heart is now back into a regular rhythm • watched the first 19/22 episodes of the 2nd season of The Office • trying to build a tolerance for spicy salsa
  • 09 Sun → stayed in; I still feel like I could've made it happen, but it's okay • Ma wanted to take me out to lunch (and we ate Mexican food) • she thought about Grandma a lot • the leftovers didn't go to waste • BB19
  • 08 Sat → it's another Enstars Sunday? again? • he quoted my tweet and Noticed my online presence, im shook • sat by the riverwalk; dyk the 6th deadliest maritime accident occurred along the Chicago River? • "wow, and I thought there was a line; it turns out, you guys are the line" • Spider-Man has so much high school angst, and I love it
  • 07 Fri → why is the midwest an empty void of Fate series appreciation • so thankful I ran into Mark today! talking with him made my experience better • sang karaoke in a room full of strangers (and actually received applause) • DEADLIFT LOLITA CONCERT • Tio cleaned the gutters while I was gone; Titi thanked me for being here
  • 06 Thu → a bagel • nbd, just grabbing dinner at one of the largest food festivals in the world (I love Chicago) • actually told my bro about the Fate series, amazing • BB19 - operation SAVE CHRISTMAS • my parents are both overly cautious and always expect the worst, holla
  • 05 Wed → thoughts about using technology as tools • the carpet smells so much better! (nothing like how commercials portray it, but y'know, better than before) • realized who she was mid-song (Notice Me) • BB19 - Kevin never fails to disappoint • (my tablet can do a split screen?) listened to music while reading this evening
  • 04 Tue(in Spanish) what doesn't kill you makes you fat • "happy birthday U.S.A." yeha i'm not feeling patriotic or energetic about this holiday anymore • you dON'T blow up fireworks before 9pm • my old high school is undergoing a major renovation project, it's gonna look great~ (in 2029) • listography backlogging; creating my life in numbers
  • 03 Mon → I just... didn't wake up early... • well then the post office! (via bike) • grilled food • me: "but why did they break up? we gotta know to avoid what they did" Eric: "...isn't that like that one episode of Modern Family?" • watched the first episode of Fate/Apocrypha together
  • 02 Sun → had nothing else better to do?? joined in on the visit to Martha's • I just can't stand the radio, they play the same. old. songs. • serendipitously encountered Tio in the parking lot! (the sun, it burns) • is spinach on pizza that hard to ask for? (apparently I'm rude) • I have a headache
  • 01 Sat → critiquing poor translations isn't my sort of thing; critiquing poor editing is my sort of thing • maybe fitting 6 people into a 5 person car is a higher-level metaphor for life • wow Popeyes has unbelievable mashed potatoes • the quality of anime has come a long way since 2011 • my tinfoil hat theory: the suburbs trigger my sinuses
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