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[all you need to do is write five things • it can be people's names, places, emotions, film titles, song titles, bands, anything that sums up your day • do this each day on your listography • copy and paste this so others know what this list is about]

  • 31 Fri → the fb page went from 5 likes to 10 likes overnight, wooo • FGOGO (and other mobage April Fool's Day events) • super short on time this afternoon; went to the cafe nearby campus • spring quarter event planning~ • "the Filet-O-Fish tastes just like a burger... the cheese helps"
  • 30 Thu → finally. uploaded. photos. • bro went for a Dunkin Donuts run; bro for the win • "well, there it is.. the grand plan" • Indivisible♪ explore religion's role in our political ideologies; searched Yelp for liberal churches • social anxiety got me feeling like
  • 29 Wed → made the call • mom & dad are really supportive • registered & attended class • showed friends my FE edits... for the first time... 10 months later • In Defense of Denial
  • 28 Tue → youtube videos • cameras in the Corner • finally responded to Roberto, 364 unread messages later • bowling adventures! • lukewarm salad; pick your battles
  • 27 Mon → papa on the soapbox • self-objectification • "I wanna record mom getting roasted!" • it's lovely when the bus driver waits for the incoming train • "you gotta hang in there, just like the (tsumamare) strap"
  • 26 Sun → woke up early; visiting Martha today~ • "thin mints are the best Girl Scouts cookies" I say, after not eating thin mints as an actual Girl Scout 10+ years later • my first Olive Garden experience; I finally understand the bread stick hype • convinced Eric to create spotify playlists • last-minute llsif T1 grinding
  • 25 Sat → stuffed apple french toast • sibling bonding, via PokemonGO • "get it. get this one." but, are you sure? "get this one, I'm sure." • three bowling alleys later, green ranger • (late evening) the 3rd edition of "you shouldn't cry on your birthday"
  • 24 Fri → REEEEEE nervous • "[Steve Harvey's guest:] the key to turning failure into success-- we interrupt this program with a special report [about the health care bill]" • "Hello!" uhh hi "How are you doing?" umm I'm doing okay, thanks "Are you Jess?" • there's no place like New Wave • left my bike at the CTA station because of the rain; picked up the bike later via car
  • 23 Thu → dashed across the main street to avoid encountering the crossing guard -- • --picked up Chinese food for lunch • "what's your favorite non-critically acclaimed movie? mine is Ghostbusters (2016)" • an inquiry about inevitable demise and Japanese rhythm games • hope is a thing with feathers
  • 22 Wed → the pendulum of productivity didn't swing in my favor today • loads of podcast-listening • I have such low energy around my bro (when he's around my mom) • Primos • I just wanna be like the bird in the red panel
  • 21 Tue → thoughts about control and its relation to worry • doing the things I don't want to do (sorta) • woke up dad and "saved" him from missing his appointment • do I want to disappear? • more photo processing today than throughout the past 6 months combined, yay
  • 20 Mon → in the early morning, mom walked by and told me "there are big storms coming" but why?? it's not like I'm going outside • processed photos (from 10 months ago) • paid final invoice for ita bag • The Power of Vulnerability♪ fitting in is the primary barrier to vulnerability • using Facebook for social purposes is really draining; how are people social on social media?
  • 19 Sun → dad to bro: "it's good that you return their call, letting others know that they should move on..." • Snap Judgment♪ the hermit in the woods • I prefer my taquitos microwaved, not fried • stressin' out • suddenly posted on instagram; my namesake has been fulfilled
  • 18 Sat → tv programs about dogs increase my desire for a dog • really late start; played llsif • ordered a small popcorn at the theaters and sprinkled popcorn topping (brought from home) is my new favorite thing • had a really good discussion with my bro about Get Out • frustrated, felt really tired in the late evening
  • 17 Fri → (delicious) (leftover) macaroni & cheese • a "meh" feeling for 6 hours after the late morning • suddenly felt inclined to process photos/reboot my photography page • Superstars of '70s Soul (on PBS) • throws keyboard ∙ (/ '-')/ ∙ \('-' \) ∙ (/ '-')/ ∙ \('-' \) ∙ (/ '-')/
  • 16 Thu → didn't feel up to do anything; I was feeling so social yesterday, what's wrong with me • Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? • me @ myself: stop being sad • dad: "we all have days..." • watched con vlogs late into the night, found myself in a video!
  • 15 Wed → my phone had a near-death experience? this video revived it • saw the Warden while commuting • the library was so loud, I couldn't concentrate • updated the club website header • I never intended to kick the can down the road for 6 months I feel utterly terrible
  • 14 Tue → oatmeal, bananas & peanut butter • shoveled snow (in the early afternoon) • before leaving, dad said that I was cherished; I don't forget that I'm loved, but it's hard to remember... • Blaze $3.14 pizza; ate at the restaurant!• TED Radio Hour♪ Ruth Chang: How to make hard choices
  • 13 Mon → winter returned • heard the news of AKR's passing via twitter first, then via NPR • commuted to LP at 4:30pm • told the 3/5 PR's their new e-board position • Eric looked culture-shocked while watching the Bachelorette
  • 12 Sun → daylight savings time got the best of me (and thus, caught the later Metra train) • his name's not "Murphy" but "MURPHEEEEE" • lunch at H Mart • movies • commuted home without company
  • 11 Sat → (over)slept for 10hrs • St. Patrick's Day parade revelers, everywhere Dx • downtown library, then walked to Navy Pier (seesaws!) • Aunt Annie's "customer appreciation week" $1.99 for original pretzels; "you know the cinnamon one isn't on sale" Eric: "...I know" • super grateful for Eric's company, but I didn't rlly feel like myself today
  • 10 Fri → vlogbrothers "Do I Have ADHD?" • "we're here to discuss our group chat mascot" prior to the 2.5hr long e-board interviews • the on-campus Jewish community offered us free food from their event :3 • "we have a pickle" but eventually settled on future e-board positions (at 10pm) • felt really tired, didn't even eat dinner
  • 09 Thu → dad is really into playing the DC Legends mobile game • on the fence of buying an ita bag (teetered in favor of purchasing it) • cold war discussion and updates! • did they purposely release SAO movie on Miku day? • Dia & Nico nesoberis arrived in the mail~
  • 08 Wed → a really strong wind advisory today • hair cut • biked (against the wind, holey moley) to the same Starbucks as yesterday and apparently they /do/ close at 6pm • O lives!! • take-out food for dinner
  • 07 Tue → first email sent in months • cried • a new location for therapy • biked to Starbucks; it closed way before 7pm • strawberry smoothie w/tapioca
  • 06 Mon → Rikako performing OmoiHito • AKR's article / love letter to her husband • left the house late (and rode with KHS students) • saying good-bye to the Great Canadian • brought my nesoberi to the General Meeting
  • 05 Sun → the rest of the family went to the movies • the barista remembered me from class? i forgot which class we had together (and her name) • a 1500 days~ • chicken broccoli casserole • messaged a seller about LL! nesoberi
  • 04 SatThe Dog Whisperer "the only thing that can reverse fear is if you face fear" • hot bubble black tea • library w/Eric, and later the Shake Shack • Robin completely stole the show (and my heart) • PokemonGO discussion while en route to Andy's Custard
  • 03 Fri → stayed on the computer. all day. • Happy Party Train • un-privatized blog posts • reexamined AMKE pictures • Portillo's pepper egg sandwich, featuring family bonchinche
  • 02 Thu → eventually, I used the treadmill • left in a rush and forgot my cell phone at home, had to use my tablet w/campus wifi • Andrew's senior recital • talk about rhythm games • thoughts about the past
  • 01 Wed → loans (w/dad) • (long) walk to DD • Spy in the Wild • sushi and pineapple fried rice • revisited AMKE pictures for the first time in weeks
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