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[all you need to do is write five things • it can be people's names, places, emotions, film titles, song titles, bands, anything that sums up your day • do this each day on your listography • copy and paste this so others know what this list is about]

  • 31 Wed → oh boy TIME TO STUDY LAST MINUTE • wow, even the professor is leaving the university... I'm gonna miss him • puppies in the quad • me? photograph graduation photos? see, I'm no pro, so it's free • discount ice cream scoops at Baskin Robbins; got ice cream with Jessica, Timmy and Samwitch
  • 30 Tue → congrats on the Master's degree in 5 years, guess I'll finish my Bachelor's in 6 • dropped my phone while it was charging, and the screen protector cracked... it did its job... • I mean, I know I should study, but I could also drift into existential thought • felt awful about myself • Everything Under the Sun is arguably the best album from Jukebox the Ghost; pick of the day: Mistletoe
  • 29 Mon → they prematurely canceled the outing, so we planned an outing of our own~ • drank a chai latte in my favorite seat at my favorite hipster coffee shop • seafood rice @ Mitsuwa; successfully resisted buying a blind box • apprehension about the future while in the scenic seats on the train • I admire her so much, how can she possibly be so ~insecure~ with herself
  • 28 Sun → brief storm clouds, white puffy ones, and evening beauties; today's clouds were absolutely stunning • visited Titi Martha, I love seeing her happy; went out for lunch on the patio • finding Eric's denim shirts in department stores is practically impossible • "Force your way in, okay?" • see, I could tell her, but staying in my own lane is what I do best
  • 27 Sat → came for Hentai Kamen, my favorite superhero • 3AM Jacob, in the flesh at 6am • one latte later; I stayed up all day after GTD! • drenched the garage with water and cleaned it out, entirely • freshly grilled hamburgers with mayo, tomato & pepper jack cheese
  • 26 Fri → my birb plushie sold for $33 • the club broke a new donation record (and made promises) at the auction! • their apartment reminded me of Grandma's old home • a long chat with Lowell about the Secret Shadow Council and other anime club antiquities • made myself comfy in the back of theater room 708 and slept from 10pm-3am
  • 25 Thu → turned it in @ 9:54am, 57 hours late • picked up a bagel for the boy and mowed the lawn • Eric's denim dilemma • watching twitch streamers (takes a lot of commitment) • processed mostly Japan Night photos
  • 24 Wed → stayed up from 1-5am • still didn't finish the annotated bibliography • last psych lecture of the quarter • looked up info about soycon • forgot to bring my jacket, so it was a chilly commute home
  • 23 Tue → they found the "missing" package at the post office, thank goodness • the annotated bibliography. all. day. • watched ACen 2017 youtube vlogs • it's been a rainy couple of days • soon it will be the pinnacle of frozen custard season
  • 22 Mon → listening to Numb on repeat @ midnight, while importing photos • i hit a new record low in weight (yay~) but for how long • honestly, I can do more during 90 minutes of class than 90 minutes outside of class • it wouldn't be JMAC without Eric, and that's why I'm stepping down, to sit under my own vine and fig tree • revisited notes from therapy
  • 21 Sun → "yeah! I remember you because of your smile!" pfffft omg >///< • "who's your favorite girl and why" ah yes, allow me to elaborate about ORANGE HANAYO • genuinely delighted to see older former anime club members, but are they genuinely delighted to see me? • if a picture is never seen by others, is it like the picture was never taken at all? • there's a bunny making a burrow in the backyard, and it looks really happy; Ma chased it out of the yard with a broomstick
  • 20 Sat → the morning/early afternoon was a rush to get dressed and to see as much as possible before the Type Moon panel • he is totally spoiling FGO for Americans, smh • and then the two of us both posed by Shielder and said "best girl" at the exact. same. time • pizza party in our hotel room • Say Yes to the Dress @2am
  • 19 Fri → commuted as early as possible to see a panel dedicated to "the only safe space for dog people" • took a pic of the Bushiroad booth and a mutual recognized the ppl in the photo? aaa that was cool • did all my rubber strap shopping in a single day @ Andy's booth • ita bag meetup; we had 6 bags total! • weebsgiving is a must from here on out; Kyra is amazing~
  • 18 Thu → big ambitions, little time • packing for the weekend • during karaoke, Christian got down to DADDY • spontaneously met up (and rode) with Paul on the southbound bus • there are only 2 escalators in the entire state of Wyoming
  • 17 Wed → broccoli rice and leftover taco beef • cashed in jar of coins • Gestalt psychology (and how the study of how the mind organizes the whole technically doesn't exist anymore) • "it ended last Sunday, happy hour isn't happening anymore" "...that's just sad" • the Suicide Table, a Nevada roadside attraction • was given a free slice of pizza; it's a community effort, pass it on
  • 16 Tue → finished sewing the trim • basically finished with my ita bag • Super Affection, finally practiced at normal tempo • felt super guilty about /not/ finishing photos and yeah • lots of self-loathing
  • 15 Mon → 12 hours later, I had an exam • the ACen panel; this club ain't what it used to be • new enstars event (+ network maintenance) • when it comes to photo processing, I really do overthink • new can badge arrived
  • 14 Sun → yes, it was an 8 block walk • the popcorn was outstanding, oh, and the show was outstanding, too • the sandwich needed a little mayo • LLSIF T1 RUSH • I... I have an exam tomorrow
  • 13 Sat → Dad used his machine last night, and didn't nap today • I forget how much I enjoy mowing the lawn • welp, time to process photos • Ma has used the same cologne for the past 20 years. 20 years, and she's still not tired of it • Ricobene's with Christian~
  • 12 Fri → rode around the loop, playing LLSIF • hung out at Roosevelt, shopping for supplies and crafts • lol I brought shame to my sensei, no shame~ • Cosplay Contest @ Japan Night; imo they got really stressed, and that shouldn't be • then I got stressed while taking photos, being a bad role model (I still love taking photos)
  • 11 Thu → it's disappointing, Dad is stubborn and he is only harming himself • Ma went to Blaze pizza with her former coworkers • Super Affection • "I had errands to do..." • chai latte @ home
  • 10 Wed → told a woman how to get to the red line (recommendation: Roosevelt) • happy hour with Eric~ • "what did I do last summer" idk, tried to overcome crippling depression, nothin' much • the Amazon locker was a great experience • walked home from the bus stop during a torrential downpour
  • 09 Tue → the botanic gardens trip planned for Saturday needs to be rescheduled :/ • dad got his machine today, but will he use it? • cleaned up header/added small bookshelf • soon I will have more floorspace... soon • dad's room is the dustiest room ma has ever seen
  • 08 Mon → classical conditioning in-class activity, ah, I miss psychology • walked around LP, stalling for time before Starbucks happy hour • forgot my phone charger • emailing about room reservations • at dinner, he went back for seconds, all by himself
  • 07 Sun → planned arrangements for next Sunday: seeing Cavalia with Ma • filed the FASFA • grilled chicken for lunch • used the recliner to browse my laptop • when exactly did 2017 become "twenty-seventeen" (as opposed to "two thousand seventeen"
  • 06 Sat → repairman fixed the recliner • fitting • longterm goal is to run 4 blocks without losing my breath • don't text during a movie, why are people so utterly obnoxious • Joel was asked if he was from buzzfeed, reverse karma for recognizing Waka Flocka at Whole Foods
  • 05 Fri → Tio came over to cook arroz con gandules and seasoned chicken • our house has never smelled so good :) • he tall-talks sometimes, but has a very good heart • lowkey stress over emails and online orders • Dateline: The Life and Death of Princess Diana
  • 04 Thu → is it that bad to watch Marvel movies for surface level content (and, y'know, not care about the Marvel universe)? • yardwork; got to pet my neighbor's dogs • I want to be serious about hobbyist photography, but lack Focus and serious Work Ethic • discourse brewing in the ita bag community • Superstore season finale
  • 03 Wed → finally curated my monthly lists; I'm like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between passion and lack of interest • I couldn't stop sneezing in the library... and only in the library • "...hobbies? I, umm, I play mobile games" • I'm shocked that my fellow weebs don't know about mfc • the fire alarm went off, and left my washi tape in the corner
  • 02 Tue → the sandwich alignment chart • I'm gonna be so broke before ACen, but eh, there'll be other cons • my first long workout in a long time • customer appreciation day @ Jimmy Johns; Ma seemed very pleased with the adventure • haven't played p5 in a while... played enstars instead, welp
  • 01 Mon → ACen (finally) released the guidebook • free sample of yoghurt while passing through downtown • forgot my hard drive at home, so couldn't process photos • Andy's (really good) panel: How to Buy Anime • (gladly) explained what an ita bag was during the break
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