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[all you need to do is write five things • it can be people's names, places, emotions, film titles, song titles, bands, anything that sums up your day • do this each day on your listography • copy and paste this so others know what this list is about]

  • 30 Sat → writing my way out usually helps me out • "your mom and brother wouldn't go out and just buy a car, would they?" of course not; they'd ask before buying, dad • an overdue listening/jam session to David Archuleta's EP (released back in August) • told dad about recent events, because something like that shouldn't damage my well-being • drive for Lou Malnati's pizza to celebrate bro's new car~
  • 29 Fri → whenever Ma gets worried, I get worried (but see, it's not necessarily the other way around) • Tio, fixing the car: "you're gonna go for a drive, mamita" I DON'T HAVE A LICENSE • I hate mentioning non-PoGO mobage in my "five things" list, but I just had the absolute luckiest Enstars and LLSIF pulls and I didn't want to leave the house because I legit thought I'd get struck by a car • quick PoGO walk to and through the loop • Italian beef; the black pepper is what makes it a stellar sandwich
  • 28 Thu → Done with 'Ruin Porn', Photographer Depicts South Side in Another Light • "talk with me again about it later, i'll consider it" • the beef & broccoli lunch special • made it downstairs in time for Wheel of Fortune • while she experiences Health Anxiety, her story helped to visualize my own lived experience with anxiety
  • 27 Wed → started out walking alongside the river together • the view of the Pier from the southern side • I ended up having one scoop of ice cream and another scoop of sherbet • FINALLY caught Raikou by the large bell at Clark & Monroe (and actually spoke with another player about PoGO) • got to see the rest of Eric's travel photos!
  • 26 Tue → the tamales were way too spicy for my taste pallet • obviously I have a problem if it takes me 5 months to make a phone call; on the bright side, I can't complain about a 1.5 month wait • southernmost point: Buckingham Fountain; northernmost point: Chicago brown line station • walked down Randolph far enough en route to the lakeshore, and I finally stumbled upon that park I've been meaning to visit! • why do males approach female pedestrians more often than females approach male pedestrians? why patriarchy, why?
  • 25 Mon → I know I shouldn't feel discouraged for not earning an event reward I wasn't even shooting for, but here I am • felt the strong urge to crack open the ol' coloring book • highkey self conscious of audio recording my own voice; props to people who actually put themselves out there • treadmill pros: I wasn't sitting all day • it's been 56 months~
  • 24 Sun → there's a reason why to avoid public transit on Sundays. never forget. • it's 90 degrees but I still got a PSL • I know I'm a disappointment, but I'm glad I didn't watch the horror scenes • evening: awkward and uncomfortable • got home in time for salmon dinner
  • 23 Sat → our car is too small to transport the old living room TV to the recycling center. guess it'll rot in the garage. • IT'S SO HOT OUTSIDE, DARN GLOBAL WARMING • "we have an open door policy here" haha too bad I didn't know that while sitting on the staircase • Grandma's memorial service • yeah he biked all the way here! but he just got wet by a sprinkler "...but there weren't any sprinklers" shh
  • 22 Fri → spent way too much time updating sukutomo, like, what's the point of up-keeping an online profile that no one visits? (because I still care, that's why) • and then there's twitter (re: feeling unoptimistic about online profiles) • chicken caesar salad > deep dish pizza • it's been one heck of a long week, I miss Eric • pigemon man Paul
  • 21 Thu → What's That Building: The Rainbow Motel • there just comes a time I want ma to talk to be about something, anything other than physical cores • 10 days w/o updating listography... "I just needed a good mood and a good cup of coffee" I said to myself, for the past 10 days • although I'm 2.5 generations removed, it's hurting to be a child of Mexican /and/ Puerto Rican heritage; I can't fathom my experience if I was dealt a different fate (I shudder because it's like, if my relatives made different decisions, I could've been one of those people) • feeling devastated
  • 20 Wed → walked on the treadmill • run to DD. I saw a familiar car on the way back home, but didn't see the driver. • over-salted the rice (sighs) • absolutely ELATED Josh won BB19. then messaging Eric made my night. and then Anchan delivering the TGS LL! news with Emitsun. and how can I forget to mention the BB backyard interviews • it was a very good night
  • 19 Tue → spilled water on a page in my notebook. sighs. • received first-hand news about the earthquake in Mexico • woke up bro at 2pm; the lad woke up disoriented • finally responded to DM's about merch. as always, it's never as bad as I think it is. • walked around the west Loop for PoGo; the train was ridiculously crowded on the ride home
  • 18 Mon → Cardinal Cupich - on how to keep young people in the pews • between Friday's reference to him during the Bruce Springsteen interview and the Vietnam documentary on Sunday, listened to Bob Dylan's music to for the first time • "Dog loves going down slide" the video that saved my heart • we're losing sunshine each and every day • Ma was written up at work today; a somber mood at the dinner table
  • 17 Sun → frozen custard • had to mow the lawn before the rain came in; ended up trying to remove the hostas from the garden • got heat exhaustion? I think I inhaled bug spray; had cold sweat, felt nauseous and had a high pitched ringing in my ears • Ken Burns & Lynn Novick's documentary: The Vietnam War • ma, dad and bro hauled out the old 250+ pound television, making room for the new 49" flatscreen; imo, flatscreen televisions are the finest improvement to modern technology
  • 16 Sat → I sincerely appreciated the travel updates. every single one of them. • Enstars "sunday" grinding • PBS cooking shows • so many flavors of yogurt to try • new pillows for the living room
  • 15 Fri → Fresh Air: Bruce Springsteen interview • I just felt like I exploited him for ice cream mochi, tbh • it was a really, really long good-bye (but hey, I'm not complaining) • New Wave's still my fav • listened to This American Life and Sound Opinions on the way home
  • 14 Thu → well-being check-up, followed by a flu shot • who thought it'd be a good idea to put two siblings of the opposite sex in the same room for a checkup, honestlyyy • good walk with bro for a neighborhood PoGO raid • called today, but called at 4:56pm, so of course they'd be closed • MangoSirene's livestream: insecurity, self-esteem, pressures, anxiety
  • 13 Wed → had time to kill, so went to the really aesthetic Argo tea in Connor's Park • MCA's Murakami exhibit • the two things he hates are fashion and contemporary art, apparently... haha, now I know • M Burger • missed BB19, but it's cool since hamsterwatch keeps me up-to-speed
  • 12 Tue → didn't end up calling • still don't feel like I should receive compliments about cooking dinner • Elizabeth, Titi's friend who chatted with me during Nadine's baby shower, passed away yesterday at the age of 54 • I was way overdue for changing my password • Frontline documentary - Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
  • 11 Mon → it's the 16th anniversary; unlike a new generation, bro & I are fortunate enough to have memory of it • obz I'd love to achieve my long-term goals, but wow if only they knew my current state of well-being; I'm in no position for that, lol • first club meeting today; hoping for the best, but they'll learn • my body doesn't feel real, just lying on my bed, and my body feels heavy "That's normal. It's night time and you should be tired. You don't need to over think things." • I'll call tomorrow then
  • 10 Sun → no politics today, Irma's on our minds • Titi Martha's party (feat. Tio's delicious arroz con gandules) • he's just "the Michigan cousin" now • while I started drinking coffee as a college sophomore, she started as a 7th grader • super tired, felt drained during the evening
  • 09 Sat → rather than using it to express my passing thoughts, what if I use my twitter for creative writing? (+ other on-the-go thoughts) • passed time/played enstars in a coffee shop • candid observation in his natural habitat • Fate/Apocrypha; LLSS dub; im@s Cinderella • I love soup. so much.
  • 08 Fri → utter internal turmoil • the first PSL of the season • I've... come for Mario Kart • honestly, I'm surprised people missed me, I need to remember evenings like this • "Puppardy" on Fallon is always an instant mood booster
  • 07 Thu → upset b/c Aqours live won't be shown in Chicago, or anywhere in the midwest • photoshop... outta revamp the fb page • didn't eat until 4pm • it's the same run-of-the-mill stuff with me; felt better when my parents came home • Back to School Advice (video) - "please give it a like"
  • 06 Wed → classes started today, but I'm not enrolled in a class • thoughts while staring at the ceiling • started This is Awkward • perhaps drinking coffee is a statement in and of itself (good talks with dad~) • ma and dad liked the skirt steak tacos, saying it was the best dinner of the week...
  • 05 Tue → broccoli with pasta for breakfast • stickers & stationary • "you're pretty easy, you didn't even ask how much the pay is" tbh she couldn't have described him any better • listened to SideM ‏ • outraged over the media focus on Florida and secondary focus on Puerto Rico
  • 04 Mon → apparently, retail stores are open on Labor Day • drive-thru frozen custard (with Italian ice) "congratulations on your new rug!" • and then we went back... for a second rug • this evening's red-tinted sun is brought to us by the smoke of the California wildfires, making their way eastbound • it looks like it could be apart of a JCPenny catalog! Ma: "ha, don't go too extreme now"
  • 03 Sun → stayed in bed... for 5 hours too long (playing the llsif medfest) • okay, maybe I was gloomy today (but the ever-present threat of a nuclear holocaust doesn't help) • Radiolab, Educate, Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me, and more audio listening • outdoor grilling, Labor Day edition • evening laundry, fresh scents
  • 02 Sat → dogs!! in my backyard!! (not clickbait) • Mario Kart, and other games to pass time • thoughts while looking over the Jane Byrne Interchange • Joel's birthday dinner (at a cozy hangout) • late night dessert (in Greektown)
  • 01 Fri → today I avoided a breakdown. thank you, mom, for making the call • MASHU MERCH. FINALIZED. gotta consider future events. • this time, played the Switched on a large TV! • Scooter's Frozen Custard (relatively close to the Paulina L stop) • bro finally saw the Jewel's on Clark/Division with his own eyes!
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