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songstress, born in may, old soul, prone to maenadic whims, full of too many words. interests: tea, literature, breakfast, lush melodies, writing, wanderlust, narnian winters, history, jane austen. current obsessions: i capture the castle, felicity.

tiffany follows:
Bliss Jobs (I think would be fabulous/fun to try)
I'm weird (Things I take strange satisfaction from)
Classic movies (seen and enjoyed)
Cirque du Soleil shows (Seen & to be seen)
Things I try not to do
  • I love tea and drink it every day
  • I'm always cold
  • I'm a terrible driver
  • I have bad circulation
  • I love to wear sweaters, cardigans, silk scarves, and other Grandma clothing
  • I don't want to hear your loud music
  • I like going to bed early, and waking up early
  • I wear slippers around the house
  • I prefer a quiet night in to a wild night out
  • I'm never not reading a book
  • Oatmeal is my favorite food
  • I'm repelled by vulgarity
  • I hum to myself
  • I love Black and White movies, and cry through the sad ones.
  • I misplace things that I had in my hands minutes before
  • I reference the "good old days" a lot
  • I love to bake
  • I like taking care of people when they are sick
nov 7 2008 ∞
nov 9 2008 +
user picture Caryn W: weird...that is so me! nov 14 2008
user picture tiffany: Aw, yay! We can be grannies together. nov 17 2008
user picture Nina Zephyr: I never even thought about considering myself an old lady, but according to this list I really am! haha, do you knit? That's probably my most old lady activity. mar 19 2009