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Uwu Cursed homestuck kinnie uwU

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Don't follow if

  • basic dfi stuff (queerphobic, antikin, racist, etc.)
  • you support/are a pedophile
  • You suppport incest
  • you're kin with bro strider
  • you associate with @saltysylph_/ any of their other accounts
  • you aren't a kin account or kin related
  • you are uncomfortable with hard opinions and extreme bluntness. Although you shouldn't even consider following a part vent account if you aren't anyway

PASSWORD: if you don't like feferi peixes you're homophobic

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  • Michael/Dave
  • he/him
  • I'm an avid artist, so if you happen to have a kin with hard/impossible to find art that is very accurate, don't be afraid to seek me out! This goes for hs panel/sprite edits as well.
  • I also roleplay! If you want a roleplay partner who writes literately (by which I mean I use quotation marks for speech and no asterisks for actions, and I tend to write around 5 sentences per reply), then feel free to hmu!
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