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Hi! My Name is Cassy Laine Thouvenot. Im 19 years old. And I live in a small town outside of Kansas City Missouri Called Warrensburg. Im a very out going person. I love meeting new people and learning new things!

Ana television (The shows I'm watching.)
films (The movies of 2014 that I've seen )
theater (Shows I've seen)
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internet video (Youtube videos that make me happy.)
  • Try to be a model
  • Try to be a singer
  • Help Save the Envierment
  • Join the Peace Core
  • Be a Missionary
  • Be a Disney Princess
  • Go White Water rafting
  • Learn to shoot a gun
  • Join a save the whales Group
  • Publish Some of my writings
  • Swim with dolphins
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nov 22 2007 +