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Hi! My Name is Cassy Laine Thouvenot. Im 19 years old. And I live in a small town outside of Kansas City Missouri Called Warrensburg. Im a very out going person. I love meeting new people and learning new things!

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  • ) Sara Evans- Is my Favorite Country singer. She is from my home state Missiouri!! I love her voice and what she sings about. When I'm down I sing to hr songs.
  • )Ciara- I love her new Cd. It is up beat and you can dance to all her songs.
  • )Rascal Flatts- Are awsome to listen to when you a driving down the road with the windows rolled down. you can tell that there songs they sing come from the heart.
  • )Fergie- is awsome all around!!! She has a hott voice not to mention a Hott body. If I could be like anyone it would be her.
  • )Kanye West- I admire because he is not scared to rap what is on his mind.
  • )Rihanna- Is my girl because every cd, she has a song on there just for me and how I'm feeling at that very moment.
  • )Christina Aguilera- I love her new CD back to the basics! It has everything from gosple to Jaz. but with a new twist on things.
  • )Billy Carrington- He is cute, and he has a sexy voice. what more do you need to know?
  • )Mandy Moore- Is a classy girl, She has her own style and she is not scared to use it.
  • )Jay-Z- Well what do you think about when you hear that name?
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