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  • robots, fairies, bugs and old timey toons
  • transformers (tfa, g1, rescue bots)
  • YGO (duel monsters mainly but a bit of gx too)
  • yokai watch
  • pokemon
  • nintendo
  • general animated movies/shows
  • disney parks
  • musicals
  • LEGO
  • indie games like hyper light drifter, nitw, etc
  • tangled series
  • elena of avolor
  • sofia the first
  • just expect many dizknee
  • steven universe
  • over the garden wall
  • cookie run
oct 22 2016 ∞
nov 4 2018 +

catch all is a simple #sdl (shell don't look) and it saves me from having anxiety. i know some of these are silly but it would be cool of u to tag them anyway

  • #trypohobia
  • #irl smoking / #irl drugs / in depth talk of its usage
  • #cartoon gore - for example like those bloody creepypasta stuff with mickey mouse or spongebob or sonic.exe i don't have an actual name for it but it freaks me out
  • disturbing monster masks
  • intense mutilation / bodily gore (drawings not so much but more of realistic stuff)
jan 12 2018 ∞
nov 4 2018 +

hey im shell (/prilla/bee/other names that are fun to use), a 21 yr old floridian cuban, white, genderfluid lesbian. i tend to be shy & have a lot of anxiety regarding anything social but i am making an effort to be ok!

i draw sometimes when my tablets not being fucky or my brains not being poopy and wanting to hide my work, so look out for that too!!!

sep 29 2016 ∞
jul 11 2018 +

I AM VERY GAY ON MAIN and committed to jolt, aka @crystaloregrove who is very important to me >3<////

jul 11 2018 ∞
nov 4 2018 +
nov 9 2017 ∞
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