• Samsung Moment
  • Record Deal
  • The New XBOX360
  • A Job
  • A License
  • A car
  • Money Money Money
  • LLMSTORE.COM Clothing
  • Money to Shop Online
  • Alice in Wonderland DVD
  • My Own Computer
  • To Meet the Band Skillet in Person
  • To Go to More Concerts
  • The Subtle Knife (Book II of Golden Compass Series)
  • A New Pair of Glasses
  • A Video Camera
  • A New Digital Camera
jun 24 2010 ∞
jun 24 2010 +
user picture Sarah: I'd also love a job, a license, a car, money, new glasses, and Alice in Wonderland. :) jun 24 2010
user picture Igg: woot (: give me another year and 2 months, and we can both get jobs :D
user picture Sarah: Lol, someone sent me an application to fill out. I just have to go to my grandparents' and do it, ha.