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  • Source: Boku No Hero Academia
  • Birthday: Unsure
  • Age: 17-18
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Aesthetic Tag: 'MORPH AES'
  • Flower: Camellia
  • Memories:

I was really obsessive over things/people I liked, and really clingy. I liked to physically hang off my friends and I was really loud most of the time. Obnoxious is a good word for it.

Relationship wise I was dating Dabi (found him!!) and Tomura was like a stinky older brother. He was mean sometimes but that’s okay because we were like family!! Of course Magne was basically my older sister, and when I was visiting HQ I spent lots of time with her until she died. I was fairly close with Twice too, mainly because I was apparently the only one who actually listened when he spoke.

Originally, I was living at HQ, however I eventually had gotten a copy of Dabi's keys to his apartment and forcefully moved in.

Don’t remember much about my childhood, other than as a really young kid I would put animals in my mouth and it upset my parents, usually since they were brought into the house (dead or alive). I also made a lot of messes and I feel like my parents might’ve been scared of me? When I left at like 12 ish it wasn't because they kicked me out (they actually didn't let me leave often), but because I just wanted to go out and explore. I met Tomura probably around 16? 17?

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