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  • I am not as honest as everyone thinks I am, I lie a lot especially to my parents
  • Yes yes, my entire middle school career as a freak.
  • I am a really jealous person and pretty much judge everyone
  • I shat my pants in the 5th grade in class. yeah.
  • I really hate my upper arms, they bother me in every photo of me that I see
  • I cant stand my voice, I cant even watch a movie that I starred in cause I'm so embarrassed and self conscious about it.
  • The fact that even in this list Im not being as open or honest as I could/should be cause I'm worse than I can admit
  • I have to fart right now but Charlene is still awake
  • I used to go through my roommate Ayakas stuff and use her hair moisturizer.
  • My yucky crunched up baby toe.
  • The fact that Incubus is still probably my favorite band.
  • I kindof semi almost dated my step brother. :( sorry everyone
  • How much I sweat. It pretty much ruined three years of my life I was so embarrassed.
  • Cuddling my teddy bear Moose everynight. fuck that nvm Im not embarrassed, i'll rep teddy bears any day
  • I dont think I "get" art.
  • The amount of important books I haven't read or even heard of
  • How much about the world i really just do not know.
  • The fact that although i very very much need something like this to make lists of things i forget and to get my thoughts down, Im also probably kinda doing this for appearances, and for sarah and charlene to read.
  • Charlene figured out the formatting options for this thing a lot faster than meee!
  • I said "I Love You" to a boyfriend when I knew I didnt mean it.
  • I bought Brian the new Coldplay album record because i believed him when he said he loved it. he was very much kidding and i was very much embarrassed
  • singing and playing on guitar Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" in my highschools library "coffee break' event. and my voice cracked.
  • brian and i didnt use any contraceptives for months
  • I resisted the transition from flares to skinny jeans. what was i thinking.
  • I staged an elaborate Valentines day "losing my virginity" situation to my friends because i just hadnt felt like telling them about it when it had really happened four months earlier. but then i felt guilty that theyd be bummed so i had them talk me sexy underwear shopping for the "big weekend" i was gonna have. they were excited so whatever i guess
  • I hold a lot of undue resentments.
  • I really wanted to make a lookbook profile
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