• in the brain there is a somatosensory map of the body that's quite literal.. and on the map the foot feeling area is right next to the genital feeling area. This dude had his leg amputated, and so the genital feeling area of the brain expanded into the foot area and now whenever he has orgasms he has like an incredible orgasm that he can feel in his "phantom" foot. his foots not even there but he feels an incredible orgasm in the space where his foot should be. (Gazzaniga 103)
  • brain map homunculus, also cool and gross http://drfpoulin.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/homunculus1.jpg
  • My professor studied synesthesia, and had a lady that had a connection for color and letters, she saw vivid colors every time she saw a letter. he put down 500 color swatch tiles and said "pick which color is your A, pick your B color" and she did, until like P when she said oh the color isn't here, its between these two (very veryyy similar) turquoises. So he put down 4000 colors and said pick it and she was happy and found her turquoise for P. then he brought her back 6 months later, put down the 2000 colors, and she picked exactly the same shade of turquoise again. no one else seemed to think that was cool but i thought it was pretty rad
  • MRI scanning. wtf.
  • cerebral angiogram http://www.lakeshoretech.net/images_videos/angiography_cerebral_integration_4.jpg
  • http://www.youtube.com/v/ZMLzP1VCANo
  • split brain patients are better at Where's Waldo
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