• jejune- immature, childish
  • vitiate- to impair the quality of, spoil
  • saturnine- sluggish in temperament, gloomy
  • temerity- reckless boldness, rashness
  • mawkish- sickly sentimental, weakly emotional
  • quixotic- chivalrous, romantic; visionary, impractical
  • fecundity- fruitfulness, fertility
  • spartan- sternly disciplined and rigorously simple, frugal, or austere
  • perfidious- deliberately faithless, treacherous, decietful
  • artless- free from deceit, natural, not artificial
  • malediction- a curse
  • philistine- "A person called a Philistine (in the relevant sense), is said to despise or undervalue art, beauty, intellectual content, and/or spiritual values. Philistines are also said to be materialistic, to favor conventional social values unthinkingly, and to favor forms of art that have a cheap and easy appeal (e.g. kitsch)."
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