• how does x(tea) = 2x(pee) ?
  • girls dont like boys, girls like cars and monayy
  • zero times anything is still zero
  • http://graphjam.com/2008/03/02/mo-money-mo-problems/
  • see, the thing about bodies is, everyone has one
  • Ecuador: the country where the pizza will arrive before the police
dec 7 2009 ∞
jan 8 2010 +
user picture Kayla: yeeeees creep on me. ADD ME. WE CAN BE FRIENDS AND COMMUNICATION WILL BE SO MUCH EASIER. i forgot to email music to you. you can't email entire album, but certainly i can send at least two tracks at once. a nice sampler. you know. dec 7 2009
user picture Kayla: a loop station is a tool that musicians use to record something live and then repeat it. it hooks up to the guitar and then you hook it up to the amp. you press a pedal with your foot to control it. does that make sense? so one artist can have multiple voices. layers. dec 11 2009