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I stan shinee and exo, also other groups too.

1of1taem follows:

[luhan x jongdae]

  • 나무 by teddyescher PG-13, 0.7k, canon-compliant, fan service
    • jongdae and lu han tweak the wolf choreo for fanservice at mama 2013. they regret it instantly

[yifan x jongdae]

  • my baby shoots his mouth off by seafoamblues NC-17, 3.2k, catboy!jongdae, heat
    • catboy au. sometimes they say things they don't mean. sometimes they say things they do mean. kris is constantly learning.
  • Crossed Signals by dansyk hybrid!au
    • When jongdae ordered a hybrid

[junmyeon x jongdae}

  • Kiss Me Slowly Baby Don't Run by mapofwords 1/2, PG-13, 11.3k, sugar daddy!au
    • Lonely publishing mogul Joonmyun discovers someone unexpected when he looks for company online.
  • Cutely, Prettily Expect Me by lordchen PG-13, 12K+, genderswap, school!au, cheerleading!au
    • Jongdae is here 1) to look great in her cheerleading uniform 2) to win. The student body president adds one more thing to her list. Jongdae is also here 3) to win over Kim Joonmyun.

[lay x jongdae]

  • my sun-kissed trampoline by yeolis PG, 5k, kid!fic, daddy! krisho, fluff
    • The story of how 1st grader Kim Jongdae, resident troublemaker in his classroom, learns that being bad is not so good with the arrival of utterly cute Chinese transfer student Yixing.


  • Warmth by baektobaek PG, 7.6k, fluff, cuddles
    • There’s just something about cuddling, about knowing the other person likes him enough to let him be as close as physically possible, that makes Baekhyun happy.
  • i'm so hot by teddyescher PG-13, 0.5k, genderswap!au, snsd, boobs
    • baekhyun wakes up as the tenth member of snsd.

[baekhyun x jongdae]

  • play me by chinguline PG-13, 3k, jealousy, fluff, long-distance relationships
    • Baekhyun is a terrible friend who should be banned from all electronics.
  • Syncopate so don't, so don't by sweatpea7373 R, 9k+, fluff, cheating but not, date night
    • Jongdae just wants a romantic evening at the theatre on the night of his anniversary.
  • it's only child's play by modelpress NC-17, 2k, smut, daddy kink, ageplay, spanking
    • baekhyun looks forward to coming home to jongdae
  • untitled by teddyescher PG-13, 0.4k, hybrid!au
    • human petting is nice
  • accept my love! i don't want your love! by teddyescher PG-13, 1.8k, valentines!au, fluff, school!au
    • valentine's day crack!fic.
  • this is what we call love by chinguline _PG-13, 5.5k, fake dating!au, school elections
    • Chingu line are running for school presidency and Chanyeol has the idea of making Baekhyun and Jongdae a couple to get them votes. Except Jongdae was never faking it.
  • Interview with a Bro by daelightmods PG, 6.9k, friends to lovers, pining
    • #1 a bro shall help another bro get a bro (or how Jongdae is the best wingman at the expense of his own happiness)
  • Just Different by guardianlake NC-17, 53k, abo!au, omega jongdae, heat, knotting, angst
    • Jongdae comes from Alphas. It’s what he grew up preparing for. Of course that meant that he wasn’t prepared when his life went in the complete opposite direction of all.
  • 150 Points to Gryffindor by lordchen NC-17, 5,4k, Hogwarts!au, public confessions, smut, quidditch
    • Where Ravenclaw wins the quidditch match and Jongdae loses dignity in front of the whole school.
  • breathe i'm here by exoquartus_mods R, 17.4k, self harm, school!au, hate to love, angst
    • enter Baekhyun: who hates Jongdae, because the class president smiles too much and is liked by everyone. enter Jongdae: who's stupid enough to hurt himself and clever enough to hide it, and it makes Baekhyun feel something akin to heartbreak
  • ☁ like the million times i never said by baeklights PG-13, smut, college!au, angst, ignoring, friends to lovers
    • i know you love me like the past, the now, the coming years
  • ☁ romantic comedy by baeklights PG-13, canon, Christmas!au, smut
    • i loved you before and i'll love you 'til then
  • ☁ causing mayhem as we go by baeklights PG-13, vampire!au, chingu line
  • ☁ paperweight by baeklights PG-13, character death, voicemail, mourning
    • it hasn't felt like home after you
    • never letting go of hands
  • the wars you bring by daelighmods PG-13, 5.1k,lawyer!au
    • in between his client being a complete brat and facing baekhyun in court…this is the exact opposite of how jongdae thought his first case would go.
  • Your Dummy by Agrippa angst, fluff, romance, smut, hurt comfort, sleeping around, pining, slow burn
    • Because that validation

[Baekhyun x Chanyeol]

  • Church Mouse by sincelighs NC-17,7.3k, smut
    • Big, bad Chanyeol has got a thing for corrupting the good boys and the pastor's beautiful son is no exception.


  • Kill me, from the inside out by baekhannies PG-13, 3.5k, horror, kid!fic, psychological themes
    • Jongdae loves his crayons.
  • Furry Little Problem by thesockmonster G, 3.8k, catboy!chen
    • Jongdae wakes up as a cat. Literally.
  • untitled by teddyescher R, 0.7k, dirty talk
    • dirty talk turns jongdae on. the members take advantage of that.
  • Last But Far From Least by masterakira NC-17, abo!au, knotting, dp, pwp, heat
    • Jongdae is the last of his pack to experience his first heat. When his heat finally comes, it strikes with a vengeance that will take the whole pack to help him through it.
  • Christmas Jumpers by electricdino G, canon, Christmas!au, fluff
    • Chen has a cunning plan.
  • Forgotten by greyskies268 R, angst, neglect, sad fic
  • Pretty Boy I'm Nobody by JungMichan neglect, angst, self harm, depression, anorexia, idol!au
    • EXO-M has collapsed, and Chen is getting pushed further and further into the shadows of EXO-K. He's invisible, a ghost, and no matter how many excuses they feed him, he knows the real reason

[jongdae x chanyeol]

  • allergies by wufaps G, 0.5k, catboy!chen, allergies, fluff
    • They were a month in, and Chanyeol was miserable, snotting all over his sleeves, sneezing left and right. No amount of benadryl could allow him to tolerate Jongdae’s constant shedding, hair on every surface he chose to curl up on, and every time Chanyeol caught him scratching at a doorframe, he was pretty sure he was going to rip his own hair out.
  • LIfe was never worse, but never better by januarys_lovers PG-13, 31.9k, harry potter!au, age gap
    • After eight years of being a great auror, teaching a novice should have been Chanyeol's masterpiece. Should have, because Jongdae has a thing for fucking things up.
  • Officer, Please by julyfix NC-17, fake cop, cop!au, smut
    • Chanyeol learns how to get out of a parking ticket.
  • Third Time's a Charm by nachtegael PG-13, customer!au, allergies, fluff
    • Jongdae really needs to make a list of Things Customer #11 Is Allergic To, for the welfare of the general public as well as his personal sanity. As for Chanyeol...Chanyeol just might be allergic to everything but the cute kittenish waiter that almost murdered him.

[jongdae x tao]

  • Push and Shove by lordchen NC-17, abo!au, beta chen
    • Chen, as a beta, is good at pounding omega ass. Better than good, great. It's only that he wants somebody to pound his ass even more. Only that the only alpha offering is somebody Chen can't stand at all.

[jongdae x sehun]

[kai x sehun]

  • making of a king by harujongin PG-13, 7.6k, modern royalty!au, poor sehun, arranged marriage, hate to love

[exom x exok]


[baekhyun x jongdae x kyungsoo]

  • hot commodity by lordchen _ NC-17, 7.5k, threesome, dp, rivalry_
    • jongdae is never going to break up baekhyun and kyungsoo's arguments ever again
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