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black lives matter black trans lives matter black queer lives matter - republicans/trump supporters dni


these are the things that make me want to scream and info dump and ascend into heaven and-

  • critical role!! this is my biggie right now and fun fact i literally go by one of the characters names bc it feels right
  • wings of fire yes please dragons more
  • my little pony was my first, but i stopped being as into it a few years ago
  • good addition but not really a "special interest", american politics
sep 10 2020 ∞
jan 11 2021 +

the interest level on a lot of these vary wildly and its not in order, but stars are next to the ones im into the most rn!!

  • apex legends (i really do love apex but i accidentally made myself hate it so now i cant stand playing it :,( )
  • the adventure zone
  • bloom into you
  • kipo
  • mcyt!! especially everyone on the dt smp*
  • cyberpunk 2077
  • bnha
  • the owl house!*
  • star wars
  • keep your hands off eizouken!
  • i am not okay with this
  • sex education
  • chuunibyou
  • koe no katachi
jul 24 2019 ∞
sep 15 2020 +

hi!! im beau

they/them please thanks m8

jul 24 2019 ∞
jan 7 2021 +
  • neurodivergent (self diagnosed but like 90% confident)
  • im very much a dork, but i have been a part of almost every clique at some point
  • i like to think that im hard to read and mysterious but i blush very easily and cant act aloof for the life of me
  • ive got braces (i know i know im the stereotypical nerd)
  • i like science and math comes easily to me, english however is the worst part of my life
  • im tall (5'10~) and pear shaped hehe
  • ive got naturally brown hair but ever since i dyed it black its been growing back in gold??? kinda sexy of me to change my hair colour like that
  • yes i say pog, poggers, and swag unironically shut up
  • i WILL try to put some part of my special interest into every single thing in my l...
sep 11 2020 ∞
jan 11 2021 +
  • discord = acentric#9280
  • instagram = @acentric__
  • = acentric
  • chicken smoothie = acentric ♥
  • minecraft = acentric_
  • xbox = acentricSoul913 (im so mad abt this handle bc i didnt realize i had an alt with acentricsoul as the name until after i changed it and now it costs money to change again grrrrr)
  • tumblr = acentrics
oct 15 2019 ∞
jan 8 2021 +

while i havent been officially diagnosed with any mental stuff i know im probably not neurotypical and i stim! usually from excitement but anxiety will do it too

  • flappy + clappy hands!! i do this a lot esp if im watching a tv show and smth i really like happens >:D
  • turtle neck?? thing?? i dont know what to call it but you scrunch ur neck down and bring up ur shoulders hehe
  • hopping / lightly stomping
  • pulling ur arms in towards ur torso!! this one is pretty common
  • hehehehe sounds
  • knee tap bouncing thing everyone does this

thats not all but im too lazy to try and remember so

sep 10 2020 ∞
sep 10 2020 +