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hey being a librarian seems chill

acentricSoul follows:
  • discord = acentricSoul#9280
  • instagram = @acentricSoul
  • chicken smoothie = acentricSoul ♥
  • animal jam = picamaeherring
  • minecraft = bronkykid101
  • vrchat = acentricGhost (is that a relevant handle? idk)
oct 15 2019 ∞
oct 15 2019 +
  • critical role
  • the adventure zone
  • astronomy
  • character design
  • fire force
  • bloom into you (the manga, i dont really like the anime)
  • bnha
  • chuunibyou
  • koe no katachi
  • rdr2
  • danganronpa
  • colour coordination
  • this shade of pink
  • bandori
  • rwby
  • overwatch
  • black holes
  • tamen de gushi
jul 24 2019 ∞
oct 13 2019 +
  • character designing and art as a whole
  • coding, specifically bbcode but im working on html
  • taking care of my succulents
  • learning french
  • learning asl
  • writing? i recently realized that i actually like to write
jul 24 2019 ∞
oct 13 2019 +

im just your friendly neighborhood space/tabletop fanatic~

they/them please thanks m8

jul 24 2019 ∞
oct 13 2019 +
  • unnecessary list but i wanted to talk about myself in a positive way so here we go
  • i try really hard to look like an eboy and a soft boy at the same time
  • im tall and really really skinny (5'9 and 108 pounds lets gooo); the only "physical thing" i can do is like one pushup with improper form so yk i have a stick body
  • i have short brownish hair that i comb over with my hand a lot
  • i wear glasses, but i could live without them. mostly i use them to hide my dark ass eyebags that i never go away even when i go long period of time getting 10+ hours of sleep
  • i have braces but my teeth are fine, i really only have a front tooth gap now
  • light brown eyes, but not light enough to look gold in the sun
  • i have a scar on my upper lip thats somew...
aug 30 2019 ∞
oct 13 2019 +
  • im an american, west coaster
  • i spell colour with a 'u' despite having been raised to spell it without one
  • i hate hot weather
  • i hoard little things irl, like keychains and buttons
  • i rarely close tabs, so i always have 40+ open at once
  • i change my cs theme way too often bc im indecisive
  • tiny little things make me ecstatic, like someone complimenting my signature, or sending me a pm
  • i have a really good memory
  • i am disgustingly good at killing bugs by clapping them with my hands
  • i keep a diary
  • im 5'9 and severely underweight
  • i want to get a nose piercing, along with upper-ear piercings but im a pussy
jul 24 2019 ∞
oct 13 2019 +
  • slytherin, or ravenclaw, i seem to variate depending on how tired i am (more tired = less academic more asshole-y personality, the opposite for not tired)
  • i get really really extreme mood swings, to the point where i do stupid things while blinded by whatever emotion im feeling, and then regret them.
  • i also get really bad apathy, which has the opposite effect, meaning i do hardly anything for days or until it ends
  • i suffer from social and seperation anxiety
  • sagittarius, but i was born on the very last day and i dont really act like one
  • i have a irrational fears of both the ocean and the dark
  • im pretty quiet, but when im excited i talk a lot
  • i shut people out on purpose, and for the most part dont regret it (which i think ...
jul 25 2019 ∞
oct 13 2019 +
  • fredo disco. just,, listen to him hes really good
  • my friends - oh wonder
  • the less i know the better - tame impala
  • wait a minute - willow smith
  • the last of the real ones - fall out boy
  • lavender - two door cinema club
  • sweet tooth - scott helman
  • i didnt realize how empty my bed was until you left - roderick porter
  • mad head love - kenshi yonezu
  • sick of losing soulmates - dodie
  • sweet talk - saint motel
  • sinking ship - cake
jul 25 2019 ∞
oct 13 2019 +