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i may seem emo, however, my favorite colour is pink

acentricSoul follows:
  • character design, animation, and art as a whole!
  • reading, my favorite genre is sci fi fiction
  • listening to podcasts! my favorite genre is (again) sci fi fiction
  • jumping from obsession to obsession way too fast for any of my friends to keep up with
  • coding, specifically bbcode
  • being as edgy as possible without being emo
  • playing d&d with my friends! i dm and it makes me incredibly stressed but im too scared to tell any of them ;)
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mar 6 2020 +
  • discord = acentricSoul#9280
  • instagram = @acentricSoul
  • = acentricsoul
  • chicken smoothie = acentricSoul ♥
  • animal jam = picamaeherring
  • minecraft = bronkykid101
  • vrchat = acentricGhost
  • recroom = beauregard (is that a relevant handle? idk)
oct 15 2019 ∞
mar 6 2020 +
  • critical role
  • the adventure zone
  • bloom into you (the manga, i dont really like the anime)
  • bnha
  • locke and key
  • keep your hands off eizouken!
  • i am not okay with this
  • sex education
  • chuunibyou
  • koe no katachi
  • girls,,
  • rdr2
  • danganronpa
  • the southern reach trilogy
  • the broken earth trilogy
  • rwby
  • overwatch
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mar 6 2020 +

it is i, your friendly neighborhood idiot, beau!

they/them please thanks m8

um,, i like to talk about myself but no one ever wants to listen so this is it! a bunch of stuff about me! sorry if it is a lot :,)

i struggle with communicating with others so i spend a lot of time in my head (and a lot of time talking to myself but i swear im not crazy)

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mar 6 2020 +
  • slytherin
  • true neutral
  • i get really really extreme mood swings, to the point where i do stupid things while blinded by whatever emotion im feeling, and then regret them.
  • i also get really bad apathy, which has the opposite effect, meaning i do hardly anything for days or until it ends
  • i suffer from social and seperation anxiety
  • sagittarius, but i dont really believe in astrology
  • i have a irrational fears of both the ocean and the dark
  • im pretty quiet, but when im excited i talk a lot
  • i shut people out on purpose, and for the most part dont regret it (which i think is the worst part)
  • im nonbinary
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mar 6 2020 +
  • im an american in the bay area
  • i spell colour with a 'u' despite having been raised to spell it without one
  • i hate hot weather
  • i hoard little things irl, like keychains and buttons
  • i rarely close tabs, so i always have 40+ open at once
  • i change my cs theme way too often bc im indecisive
  • tiny little things make me ECSTATIC, like someone complimenting my outfit or giving me hug or smth :))
  • i have a really good memory about completely irrelevant things
  • i am disgustingly good at killing bugs by clapping them with my hands
  • i keep a diary, luckily it is undiscovered by anyone
  • im 5'9 and average weight
  • i want to get a nose piercing, along with...
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mar 6 2020 +
  • i have excoriation disorder which basically means i pick my scabs obsessively until they either scar or get infected, so my arms are covered in tiny scars from that
  • ive got general anxiety, social anxiety, n seperation anxiety so if im ever in a public area/crowd without people i know then im going to have a panic attack
  • ive had depressive episodes before, but i dont think of myself as depressed
  • i have a height inferiority complex, so i want to say i spend 30% of the time when im just walking around thinking about my height compared to others, even though im decently tall, i have an obsession about getting to the 6' mark
  • im antisocial, not because i dont like being with friends, but bc almost every time i go out i get a stomach ache (from nerves??? idk) and id rather do something el...
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