• this river runs to you
    • In which Wei Wuxian is a curse worker secretly searching for a lost dragon, Lan Wangji is his new assistant, and the two things may not be entirely unrelated.
  • Mother[
    • Nearly two months after finding and adopting Lan Yuan, Lan Wangji begins to notice an odd quirk of his child. Lan Sizhui sees dead people. This becomes a constant source of strife for Lan Wangji who notices his son sees a spirit he calls "Mother".
  • Bestseller
    • When Wei Wuxian writes the Xianxia cut-sleeve equivalent of Fifty Shades of Grey, based entirely on his experiences with Lan Wangji, he doesn’t expect it to becom...
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  • 11:11
    • A timid Seokjin sneaks out of his room one day to stumble across a beautiful pianist with a dark past. Yoongi doesn't want anything to with the intrigued boy, but Seokjin will stop at nothing to befriend him by any means possible. Fate has its ways.
  • 999
    • You need 1000 cranes for a wish. Not 999. 1000.
  • and the stars shine so bright, and the m...
    • It's not quite a story. It's not quite the start, or the end, or any part of it, really. It's this: Hoseok falls in love two times. Once, it's as an apology. The second time around, it's as something lingering inside of his chest, holding his hea...
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  • A Man's Jealousy
    • Jinyoung doesn't want to be like all the girls who confess to Mark. He only longs to be loved by him.
  • Ameoto ♥♥♥
    • In a small town, hidden beneath constant rain and shadows, Jinyoung spends his time alone lying on his mattress wondering whether the hollowness inside him will ever be filled. Somehow even the smile he perfected over the years can't even seem to save him from himself. But being the only bartender within a mile radius means Jinyoung meets people on a daily basis, and as he watches the door, and waits for the ring of the bell, he wonders sometimes if there'll ever be someone that enters his bar and changes everything for him.
  • Bucket List
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  • Let Me
    • Yugyeom always won the physical battles, but Jinyoung always won with words. Behind all the banter, teasing, and play-fights, lay much deeper intentions.
  • if you promise to let it grow
    • For better or for worse, Prince Jinyoung hates his sister's fiance, Prince Yugyeom, until he falls in love with him.
  • You of all people
    • Jinyoung and Yugyeom have had a little feud going on since they've met for the first time in middle school. Now they're in the same college and the pranks are still going strong. But their little rivalry is slowly turning into something else...
  • rules
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  • Undeniably Unrequited
    • "It’s two in the morning. You have a lecture tomorrow morning at nine, and yet here you are, sobbing over someone who you supposedly think of “as a friend.” So tell me, Jackson — Do you really think of him as a friend or do you think of him as more than that?”
  • Come Closer {For the Picture}
    • When Jackson tries to get as close to Jinyoung as possible when taking selfies and Jinyoung just wants to finish reading his book.
  • I Fall for You Again {It's Cheesy}
    • Jinyoung felt every centimetre of his body flood with the love he held for Jackson. And even that wasn’t enough to describe just how in love with the Chinese man ...
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jun 17 2020 +
  • Bed Sheets ♥♥♥
    • Jinyoung, a young man who's nothing but a “simple prostitute” (in his own words,) finds himself falling in love with one of his clients – someone who's far from within his reach and just as vulnerable as him. Complications ensue. Pretty Woman AU.
  • Flux
    • An AU where jaebum and jinyoung have been best friends for their entire lives, and where jaebum has always been irrevocably in love with him but somehow, jinyoung just doesn't seem to get it.
  • Glass Fingertips
    • On that cold hard ground, surrounded by a hundred blank faces, Jinyoung wonders, with his arm burning and his head spinning...
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