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living vicariously through suho

gyeomshin follows:

how old are you?

  • i'm a fourth-quarter 90-liner. do the maths.

are you still a student?

  • nope. not anymore.

where did you study?

  • university of the philippines

what was your course?

  • political science

what is "sudi"?

  • suho x d.o. it's from su(ho) + di(oh).

do you write fics? where can i find them?

do you read OC fics?

  • no i don't.

can you post a selca?

  • no. nope. never.

notp/s in exo?

  • suho/chen and kai/d.o

who was your first exo bias?

  • kai

are you straight/bi/gay?


i'll probably add more in the next days because i can't remember the other faqs.

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