FIRST OF ALL I went to college, more precisely for law (what a fucking idea). already it's one hell of hour from home, so I have a fucking great bus ride, I can't sit, and I hate the crowd, even more strangers, so it's not fun, but it's fine. so I got a great room. with a balcony and an office, it's kind of luxury. I sympathized with a few cool people from my class, and we're having great parties. even when we played darts in a pub (and my team lost.)

THEN, on the art side, it's kind of been nothing since I broke up. I'm lazy most of the time, or no inspired. I do something else, like watching movies and tvshows, reading books, and watching youtube videos. I'm going out a little bit too, then I plan to travel, with my meagre budget it's going to be tense, but it's tempting.

I decided to take control of my future writer's ass. You don't become a bestseller author in front of your TV with barbecue chips. All right. Okay. Even with luck and incredible talent, the red carpet is still a long way off. Dev Patel too.

jan 6 2018 ∞
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