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People I'm jealous of:

  • Really talented and creative artists.
  • People with full passports.
  • Uninhibited, free-spirits.
  • People who can write and read music.
  • Charismatic, outgoing individuals.
  • People with flawless skin.
  • People who have found their soul mate.
  • People with really fast metabolisms.
  • People who are naturally funny.
  • People who are really good at math.
  • People who are happy despite all their/lifes' problems.
  • People who can easily find happiness in small things.
  • People who finish college in 4 years or less.
  • People who are able to move on from heartbreak/disappointment quickly.
  • People who never have to worry about financial issues.
  • Cirque du Soleil performers/artists.
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