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According to my own perception of elves based mostly on my favorite fantasy novels and movies. Nerd alert :)

  • Graceful.
  • Lithe.
  • Flexible.
  • Long & lean.
  • Ability to come and go undetected, seemingly appearing and disappearing.
  • Ability to walk through the forest noiselessly, as if floating.
  • In tune with nature.
  • Heightened senses.
  • Quick and darting like a deer.
  • Pale, smooth, unmarred skin & delicate features.
  • Observant & intuitive.
  • Age very slowly or be altogether immortal.
  • Pointed ears.
  • Radiate light from the inside, out. Resplendent.
  • Healing powers.
  • Builder of fantastic tree dwellings.
  • Ethereal.
  • Generally peaceful but a fierce warrior when threatened.
  • Intuitive.
  • Quiet and reflective. Speaking when there is something worthwhile to say.
  • Communication with non-human animals and other elements of nature.
  • Fair & hypnotizing. Entrancing.
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user picture Anna Cooper: Haha, I'm a little dyslexic, so when I clicked on this list I thought it was Eleven Traits. I agree with this list though. :) oct 28 2011
user picture Bliss: Oh, I have clicked on my many a list thinking it was titled something completely different! Glad you ended up liking it though haha.