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  • Legos: I built some bad-ass houses, let me tell you.
  • Yak bak: Oh, the countless hours I spent annoying my mother.
  • Tamagotchi: Mine usually died of parental neglect within a couple days.
  • Those tiny plastic beads that came with those little plastic patterns that you ironed together: Edit: They're called Perler beads!
  • Maple Town set: Families of rabbits and bears living in harmony.
  • Miniature farm animals: It was an obsession.
  • Breyer horse collection: I mostly just liked to stare at them on my shelves. They were too nice to play with.
  • Polly Pocket: These days she's like 2 inches tall and has completely lost her appeal. I feel sorry for the children of the large Polly Pocket generation.
  • Troll dolls: And an awesome cave house for said trolls that my artist uncle built me.
  • Paper dolls: They came in every issue of my American Girl magazine.
  • Computer games: When they were in their 2-D, large pixelated glory. Pepper's Adventure In Time, Oregon Trail, Amazon Trail, Number Munchers.
  • Books: Even when I couldn't read, I dragged them around with me. Really, there's pictures of me "reading" books upside down to prove it.
  • Old school Nintendo: Two words...Duck Hunt.
  • Pogs: Really, who would have thought that stacks of small cardboard discs would be a successful toy?
  • Kooshballs: Fun to throw at people. Not fun when you snap off one of the rubber tentacles in your eye.
  • Colorforms: The Beauty and the Beast colorform was my personal favorite.
  • Board games: 13 Dead End Drive, The Game of Life, Candyland, Guess Who?, Mousetrap.
  • Creepy crawler machine.
  • Sand art: Although, 9 times out of 10, I dropped the bottle upon completion thus shaking up and ruining my meticulously planned sand creation.
  • Lite-Brite: I never seemed to have enough little light pegs to complete the masterpieces I envisioned.
  • Crimp n' Curl ponies: The were part of the Cabbage Patch brand and had wiry hair that you could style.
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