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  • First word: Dad
  • First pet: Hermit crabs
  • First dog: Sasha the dalmatian
  • First car: 2001 Toyota Corolla
  • First car crash: September 12, 2003, first week of junior year on the way home from school in the rain. Totaled.
  • First job: Front desk girl at Sport and Health gym.
  • First time drunk: 10th grade, Incubus concert, forced by my older sister in order to "have more fun".
  • First tattoo: Cherry blossom tree on my back. Age 19.
  • First piercing: Ears, Age 7, in a mall in Florida, gift from Grandfather.
  • First foreign country visited: Japan
  • First time in the principal's office: 7th grade. For selling burned cds to students. What a rebel I was.
  • First real concert: Hanson at the Nissan Pavillion. 6th grade.
  • First celeb crush: Zac Hanson
  • First "real" kiss: Age 16
  • First speeding ticket: Age 18. 45 mph in a 25 mph zone.
  • First best friend: Ashlinn. Age 5. We each had an extensive collection of miniature farm animals.
  • First cd bought: An instrumental compilation called "Jaguar Sounds" that I bought from the Nature Store. I was a strange kid.
  • First doll: Mildred the bald Cabbage Patch Kid. What a horrid name.
  • First sport played: Soccer.
  • First halloween costume: A purple Popple.
  • First magazine subscribed to: American Girl magazine. Age 8.
  • First horror movie seen: "It". Age too young to be seeing that movie.
  • First cell phone: Shitty Nokia with a blue face plate with cherries all over it. Cool.
  • First time voting: 2004 presidential election. John Kerry. Age 18.
  • First collection: Breyer horses. Age 6-10
  • First instrument played: Trumpet in 6th grade band.
  • First career aspiration: Astronaut. 2nd grade.
  • First nickname: Embug. Given by my Grandfather when I was a wee one.
  • First time dying my hair: Age 16. Hot pink.
  • First period (ha!): The summer before 6th grade. Age 11.
  • First time passing out: 5th Grade. On a field trip.
  • First screen name: soccerchick88. Hahaha. Age 11.
  • First prom dress: God awful maroon, sleeveless, floor length. Age 17.
  • First sleepover: My 5th birthday. 8 girls with sleeping bags in my living room.
  • First (and last) play cast in: Stone Soup. 3rd grade.
  • First favorite restaurant: Fresh Choice. They don't have these on the east coast :(
  • First earthquake: Age 5. Small ones in Okinawa all the time.
  • First broken bone: Age 20. Broken cheek bone. Passed out from dehydration and hit my cheek on the corner of a very hard cabinet on the way down.
  • First favorite animal: Probably age 4ish. A horse, of course.
  • First real roadtrip/First roadtrip with a significant other: Age 22. To Nashville, TN and along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.
  • First funeral/dead body seen: My boyfriend's grandmother. Age 22.
  • First time living COMPLETELY alone (No roommates, hallelujah!): Age 22.
  • First time living with a significant other: Age 23. With my current boyfriend. It's a learning experience!
  • First full-time job: Age 23. Animal technician at the SPCA.
  • First time buying my own car: Age 24.
  • First snow: Age 8 in Lake Tahoe, CA.
  • First flying trapeze class: Age 24 (And the subsequent spawning of an obsession :)).
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user picture Anagnotes: "It" was my first horror movie too. It wasn't too scary but then my sister made me watch The Exorcist and hey presto! I was ruined for life. Argh. sep 27 2008
user picture Bliss: Yeah, looking back now, it's not that scary but I was like 6 when I saw it and I was scarred for life! sep 28 2008
user picture Kristin: I hope you don't mind that I stole this list. I like it. sep 30 2008
user picture Bliss: don't mind at all! oct 1 2008
user picture jen: I read "first time voting" as "first time vomitting"...I thought it was a bit weird that you made it to 18 without being sick. Also thought it was weird that you seemed to be blaming John Kerry. I think I need to go to bed... Anyway, I love your lists! They're great! nov 2 2008
user picture Bliss: hahaha i wish i made it to 18 without being sick. get some sleep!
user picture Patricia: can i copy this list? i like it. :) feb 6 2009
user picture Kate: I have copied :) aug 3 2009
user picture José Mauricio: Excelent list! thank you ;) :P oct 7 2015