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  • Locked my keys in my car.
  • Lost my keys.
  • Left a soda in the freezer too long and had it explode.
  • Scooped up dog poop.
  • Felt self-conscious.
  • Procrastinated.
  • Didn't wash my car.
  • Developed mysterious bruises.
  • Couldn't sleep.
  • Started a drawing I didn't finish.
  • Drank a diet soda.
  • Said I was going to stop drinking so much diet soda.
  • Didn't return a phone call.
  • Had dry skin.
  • Talked myself out of doing something because of fear.
  • Woke up before my alarm clock.
  • Didn't study and still did well.
  • Fell in love with a stranger.
  • Skipped class.
  • Hated a picture of myself.
  • Ate too fast and got the hiccups.
  • Tried to retell a funny story and bombed.
  • Questioned the trajectory of my life.

...I'd be a rich woman.

jul 29 2008 ∞
oct 29 2011 +