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  • Mole on right cheek.
  • Red birthmark on upper lip.
  • Red heart-shaped birthmark on left forearm (It turns purple when I'm cold, therefore it will probably turn purple when I'm dead).
  • Freckle on left breast.
  • Free-hanging earlobes.
  • Cherry blossom tree tattoo on right side of back/hip.
  • Mole right beside one of the branches on said tattoo.
  • "So it goes." tattoo on left wrist.
  • Crystal ball/swirling mist/fortune teller's eyes tattoo on the outside of my right arm/shoulder/bicep.
  • Love Potion No. 9 tattoo on the inside of my right bicep.
  • An old-fashioned/pin-up style tight rope walker tattoo on the outside of my left arm.
  • A dagger with a woman for the hilt tattoo on the inside of my left bicep.
  • A bat tattoo on my left ankle.
  • Mole on upper left torso.
  • Small indent above left eyebrow.
  • Metal filling in bottom right molar.
  • My right eye seems to be slightly smaller than the left.
  • I have two annoying cow-licks, one at the front of my part and one smack dab in the back of my head.
  • Freckly forearms.
  • Apparently, I also have a rather smaller than average size head.
  • Recently discovered one of my nostrils is slightly larger than the other. Fun.
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