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  • Sore muscles.
  • Pressing/poking my bruises.
  • Putting hydrogen peroxide on cuts and scrapes and watching it fizz and bubble.
  • Putting hydrogen peroxide in my ears to clear them out and feeling it fizz and bubble.
  • Rubbing thick, glossy book pages between my thumb and forefinger to make that noise. You know the noise I'm talking about!
  • Plucking my eyebrows.
  • Cracking my knuckles.
  • Smelling books.
  • Vacuuming.
    • And hearing the invisible little crumbs and bits being sucked up the tube.
  • Similarly, obsessively creating folders and categories for pictures on my computer.
  • Finding spelling mistakes in published books.
  • The nose-stinging smell of vinegar.
  • Purging my belongings, getting rid of things I don't need or use.
    • Especially getting rid of things associated with old relationships/people that aren't in my life anymore. It feels so good to let go of things.
  • Washing a really dirty load of laundry and folding it fresh and warm from the dryer.
  • Cleaning out my ears with a q-tip.
  • Running a comb through wet, freshly conditioned hair.
  • Washing my hair after a long run when it's dirty and sweaty.
  • Peeling things - sunburns, dry skin, facial masks, glue, paint, wallpaper, get the picture.
  • Getting sick - I RARELY do get sick, so when I find myself under the weather I love to curl up with hot soup and watch movies and sleep all day.
  • The feeling of Icy-hot on a sore muscle.
  • Cleaning out my fingernails.
  • The feeling of sneezing.
  • Piercing bubble blisters with a safety pin.
  • Having my back cracked.
  • Running my tongue across my teeth when I get one of those painful, sore taste buds - what are they?!
  • Organizing and straightening shelves in grocery/retail stores.
  • A good bowel movement.
  • Grating cheese.
  • Using Windex on a dirty mirror or window.
  • Writing on dry-erase boards.
  • Color coordinating my closet.
  • Getting anesthesia medication/laughing gas.
  • Counting my steps.
  • Eating one food at a time on my plate in order from least favorite to most favorite.
  • In a box or bag of chips/crackers, I like to eat the broken pieces first.
  • Getting tattooed.
  • Sealing Ziploc bags.
  • Laminating things.
  • Deleting unnecessary files from my computer.
  • Putting moisturizer on when my skin is super dry.
  • Depositing money into my bank account.
  • Cleaning my house before I go away for an extended period of time and then coming home to a fresh, clean place.
  • Movies that make me cry.
  • Biting all the way around a sandwich/eating all the crust off first.
  • Popping bubble wrap.
  • Walking in the rain without a sense of urgency/rushing.
  • Cleaning out the lint trap in the dryer.
  • The raspy, deep quality my voice gets when I have a sore throat. It makes me feel sultry!
  • Squeezing and pulling out splinters.
  • The first stroke of a brand new razor on a shaving-cream lathered leg.
  • Power outages.
  • Filling out surveys and questionnaires.
  • The feeling of falling when you're about to drift off to sleep.
  • When you say a word so many times that it starts to sound extremely strange and loses meaning.
  • When you crest and begin to descend a hill in your car and your stomach does that topsy-turvy lurch like when you're on a roller coaster.
  • The sleepy ha-ha's.
    • When you're so tired that everything is hysterically funny.
  • Getting into a made bed at night.
  • Writing out numbers.
  • Where are they now's?
  • Putting on sad music when I'm already sad and having a good cry.
  • Waking up unnecessarily early just so I can have my alone time before the day begins.
  • Stretching to the point of pain.
  • Popping a big zit.
  • Building up the calluses on my hands from trapeze.
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user picture Bliss: haha everyone's got their quirks! apr 13 2008
user picture Alex: I do soooo many of these!!! Especially the "peeling things" jul 31 2008
user picture Kristin: Oh smelling books... that's a good one. I like finding spelling & grammatical mistakes! And I can't help fixing books on bookstore shelves. ha sep 28 2008
user picture Bliss: haha i fix things on most store shelves but grocery stores are the worst for me! sep 29 2008
user picture venisha: i do all but 9 of these... yikes! oct 2 2008
user picture Bliss: haha no yikes, embrace the weird!!
user picture jen: I get those sore tastebuds too! They're weird aren't they! And the point about finding spelling errors in books, I really like that. A book isn't worth reading if you can't feel some sort of sick superiority [] over the author and editor at one point in the book. Cool list, yeah! nov 18 2008
user picture Bliss: seriously, what the heck are they? they hurt but yet i can't stop messing with them! nov 21 2008
user picture Julia: Having sore muscles makes me feel so accomplished and productive. I love it! feb 16 2009
user picture Meghann: That's exactly how I feel too. Sore muscles are the best and I love pushing on bruises too. feb 20 2009
user picture rose: Putting hydrogen peroxide on cuts and watching it bubble. ^^OMG, I thought I was the only person who did this. I agree with almost all of these. Those taste buds are canker sores. It apparently means yr body is fighting off an infection. When I had braces I would get them all the time because the wires would rip my lips. :( feb 21 2009
user picture mollykatherine: ha, i do the food thing. i always save the best food for last. and you're probably thinking of ulcers? because i do that too, but i usually end up biting them off and bleeding. haha. mar 3 2009
user picture .jessica.rose.: not gonna lie.. i enjoy all of these things. i honestly couldn't find 1 part of this list that i didn't take some strange satisfaction in doing. we're twins. mar 27 2009
user picture jenz: a - q-tips, omg, i can't even EXPLAIN how awesome it feels to clean out your ears and feel so gratified by it. b - i have a strange inclination to pick and peel at scabs, knowing full well i risk scarring. jun 15 2009
user picture Amsyy: may 28 2010
user picture Anne: And I thought I was the only one who likes to smell books xD jun 13 2010