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  • I hope to have found my greatest love.
  • I hope to have a child with that love. Likely, adopted.
    • I hope to be completely devoted to both.
  • I hope I own at least one, fantastic, adorable, well-trained dog-companion. Maybe two.
  • I hope to own a lovely, cozy home.
    • I hope said home is not too small, not too big.
    • I hope said home is in a peaceful, rural setting but still very close to a major city for work and play.
    • I hope said home has a great back yard for child and pet romping.
    • I hope said home has a space in which I can create.
  • I hope I am still creating. Even more so than I am now!
  • I hope that I have possibly turned my creativity into a lucrative side/pleasure business.
  • I hope to have added at least 10 stamps to my passport.
  • I hope that my knees have held up and I'm still running competitively and have run a marathon by now or at least be gearing up for one.
  • I hope that I'm comfortable/not struggling financially.
  • I hope that I have found a career that I am happy in and that incorporates my interests and will allow me to move up and grow.
  • I hope that all of my family and friends are healthy.
  • I hope that my mom is finally somewhat happy and moved on from the divorce.
  • I hope I am closer than ever with all of my sisters and we that visit each other often.
  • I hope to have crossed off at least 10 major things from my life list.
  • I hope that I have become more outgoing, even just slightly, and that, perhaps, I have found a very close, lifelong friend.
  • I hope that the world has found a substantial, clean, renewable alternative to oil/petroleum/gas/etc. and that we have converted or are in the process of converting completely to it.
  • I hope that I still possess a wild imagination, a strong desire to explore and a childlike inquisitiveness.
  • I hope my relationship with food is less limited, strict & severe and does not rule so much of my life.
  • I hope the culture of celebrity obsession has waned.
  • I hope the current standards of beauty for women have been eliminated or broadened drastically.
  • I hope J.K. Rowling has written another novel/series.
  • I hope that I am still involved in circus arts and have progressed far in trapeze.
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