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  • Waitress.
    • I would get stressed very easily and take the attitudes/comments of rude customers too personally.
  • President of the United States.
    • The stress. The pressure. The early aging. Never being able to please everyone/always having one group of people or another bitching at you.
  • A politician, period.
  • Customer service representative.
  • Anyone in the business of slaughtering animals.
    • I really don't know how anyone can take the lives of hundreds of animals daily. I guess you get desensitized to it?
  • Secretary.
  • Bartender.
    • Getting hit on constantly, late hours, loud, obnoxious people, ugh.
  • CEO.
  • Personal assistant.
  • Telemarketer.
  • Stripper.
    • Any job that requires scant clothing and men ogling you, really.
  • Stock broker.
  • Lawyer.
  • Any job that would require me to "bring my work home".
    • I don't want my work life interfering with my family/home life and being a detriment to it. You see so many workaholics these days whose marriage and family suffer because of it. Unless of course, I found an amazing, creative, fun job that would only enhance my life if I brought it home, then that would be a-okay :).
  • Door-to-door salesman.
  • Stand-up comedian.
  • Grave digger.
  • Forester.
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