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  • You stink.
    • Seriously. When a smoker walks into a room or gets too close to me, I smell them instantly. Sometimes it even makes my eyes water. Why would you want to smell bad constantly?
  • Your possessions stink.
    • Smoke permeates everything you own, your furniture, your pets, your clothes. It's inescapable.
  • More and more public establishments are banning smoking.
    • In my state, Virginia, smoking in restaurants and bars was officially banned starting December 1, 2009.
    • If a place has to ban something that you do, shouldn't that tell you something about it?
  • Smokers often use the excuse that they're the ones doing it, so it doesn't effect you and shouldn't bother you.
    • Secondhand smoke, anyone? Just walking by someone smoking on the sidewalk, I have to close my mouth and not breathe through my nose until I've passed them.
  • Smokers are some of the worst litterers anywhere.
    • Most main streets are lined with cigarrette butts thrown out of car windows. It's disgusting, dirty and unsightly. I don't understand why smokers not only get to foul up the air but the ground, as well.
  • It's SO expensive.
    • The price of a measley pack of cigarrettes has been jacked up to 8 dollars in some places. It just doesn't make sense why someone would be willing to waste that money away to kill themselves faster.
    • Also, in my experience, many habitual smokers are of lower income, therefore it makes even less sense that they would squander away their hard-earned money.
  • Um, it KILLS you.
    • Lung cancer, emphysema, the list goes on and on.
  • It ages you prematurely.
    • Young girls who smoke to suppress their appetite and stay thin: Sorry, but in the long run, you're going to be wrinkly, yellow-toothed and have the voice of an old man.
  • You can't live life to the fullest.
    • Getting winded walking up a flight of stairs, not being able to run around with your kids, coughing all the time. Why would anyone want that?
  • I understand the addiction factor, don't get me wrong, I know that it's a terribly difficult to break the habit. But I just don't understand why anyone would start in the first place when all the above information is proliferated everywhere?
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oct 24 2010 +
user picture Lua: amen to this! jun 11 2010
user picture Bliss: haha thanks! I hope I don't piss any smokers off but it just doesn't make sense to me! jun 12 2010
user picture Chelsea: I absolutley love this. Thank you.
user picture martina: For anyone looking to quit, check out the website The information and support there is awesome. As a former smoker, I am sickened by the realization of just how disgusting smoking is. I had no idea how nasty it is until I quit. It has been six years now. Hurray!! jul 6 2010
user picture jessiquita: Hell yeah! jul 13 2010
user picture Rebecca: wow... what a great list, I'm not gonna lie... I smoke, and have pretty much heard all these reasons and points before, but you put them together in such a great way really makes me consider quitting:) aug 21 2010
user picture Pam: I love this list. One guy told me " well it's all about doing things in moderation" are you kidding me? oct 25 2010
user picture englishpearl: i do understand your point, but if its legal, why shouldn't i smoke. who are you to tell me what to do? put simply, what gives you the right to judge others & their lives, based on their personal, adult choices? mar 15 2011
user picture Bliss: The fact that something is legal does not mean you should automatically do it. Protesting and holding signs that say "God loves dead soldiers" at funerals is legal too so does that mean I should do it? Smoking not only kills the smoker but diminishes the quality of life of all those around them.
user picture Bliss: And where am I telling anyone what to do? I am just stating my opinion.
user picture englishpearl: true, i apologise, you're not telling people what to do. however holding such a sign is, at least in my country, very illegal. & no, just because something is legal doesn't mean you should do it - of course not -, but just because someone choses of their own free will to do something, legally, why are you judging them? no-one is forcing you to smoke. & please don't claim that simply because there are smokers in your country, your life is ruined - that's simply not the case.
user picture Bliss: May I ask what country you are from? Just curiousity. It's been my experience that in some European countries, smoking is a lot more prevalent. Here in the U.S., anti-smoking advertisements and education are proliferated everywhere. You will rarely if ever see a "pro" smoking ad. It is banned in most public establishments. It is legal here when you are 18 years of age but most smokers start befor the legal age. So I suppose my views of smoking may be skewed or biased. And yes, unfortunately, protesting at funerals with hateful signs is quite legal. Look up the Westboro Baptist Church and you will know what I mean :(
user picture englishpearl: i'm british. here, also, smoking is banned in indoor public areas & tobacco companies cannot advertise. anti-smoking marketing & campaigns are circulated by the nhs, but they are uncommon, & widely disregarded. i guess it is more common in europe, less so in england of all the western european countries - but even so the principle is the same.
user picture Bliss: I believe we can just agree to disagree at this point. I never said that my life was ruined. I said my quality of life was diminished. And I believe that to be true.