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  • A velvety horse muzzle.
  • The soft, fuzzy hair of an infant.
  • Warm, fluffy towels straight from the dryer.
  • Soft, warm sand beneath my toes.
  • Flannel sheets.
  • Stingray skin (the touch pool at Sea World!).
  • Putting on brand new socks.
  • Laying my cheek on my sunburned shoulder.
  • Smooth, cold stones in a stream or river.
  • Bare feet squelching in mud.
  • A lamb's ear leaf between my fingers.
  • Slicing through a thick slab of clay with a thin wire.
  • Popping a Snapple cap in and out.
  • My microplush blanket.
  • Running my fingers through my significant others' hair.
  • Memory Foam.
  • Terry cloth.
  • Laying my head on a cool pillow after an exhausting day.
  • The cold, smooth scales of a snake.
  • Goose down.
  • Thick parchment/drawing paper.
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