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  • The horns of a bighorn sheep.
  • The prehensile tail of a spider monkey.
  • The pouch of a kangaroo.
  • The speed of a cheetah.
  • The intelligence of a dolphin.
  • The wingspan of a wandering albatross.
  • The ears of a fennec fox.
  • The nose of a bloodhound.
  • The night vision of an owl.
  • The camouflage of a chameleon.
  • The storage of a bactrian camel.
  • The persistance of an emperor penguin.
  • The memory of an elephant.
  • The brachiation (free rotation of shoulders and wrists for arboreal locomotion) of a gibbon.
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jul 12 2011 +
user picture Josephine: I love these qualities, especially the latter. We all need the perseverance and resilience of a penguin that walks miles and miles without losing hope (because they know they ought to get there) and without thinking to march back to where they were. I am in a desperate need to talk to you, you are so inspiring and unique among many people I've stumbled across on Listography. I would love it so much. We have so many things in common that I don't know if I could say them in one itty bitty little comment! You are such an... observative? person, I should really learn to observe my environment as well as you do. Lots of love xoxo mar 26 2011
user picture Bliss: thank you so much...i'm flattered! i do try to be an observant person! i'd love to hear about the things we have in common. mar 27 2011