• First and foremost, I found the most amazing man...no, person, that I've ever met and we are madly in love.
  • I ran the Monument Avenue 10K.
  • I got a haircut.
  • I took a spring break trip to Tennessee and Kentucky with my boyfriend, the first trip I've ever taken with a significant other.
  • I got rid of A LOT of clothes and useless junk.
  • I read 6 books for pleasure.
    • Usually this is nothing, but this semester kicked my ass and I had NO time for enjoyable, non-school related reading.
  • I didn't save nearly as much money as I had hoped but I did manage to put away some.
  • I passed all my classes.
    • Maybe not with flying colors but at this point in my college career, I am just trying to finish and if that means barely passing then so be it.
  • One semester closer to graduating college. Hopefully only one more.
dec 18 2008 ∞
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